Giant Googly Eyes Halloween Sign

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This adorable “Boo” halloween sign is made with a pair of giant googly eyes!

Giant Googly Eyes Halloween Boo Sign! |

These days with 2 kids and a business, I love nothing more than a DIY project that give you a lot of bang for your time invested. I don’t have a lot of free time, so I need projects that are unique and cute but don’t take forever. This adorable Halloween Sign made with a pair of giant googly eyes is perfect. Cute, clever and a little silly. That’s my kind of Halloween decor. I am sooo not the kind of person who’s into the super creepy and scary Halloween stuff. I honestly avoid that entire aisle at the stores when it’s Halloween season. And those Halloween decorations that are motion activated and scream or cackle when you walk past? NO THANK YOU!

(Is it any surprise that I also don’t like horror movies?)

Anyway, this is also a great DIY project because you only need a few supplies to make your own giant googly eye halloween sign! This would be a perfect project to make at a craft night with friends too, easy enough for anyone to do and quick enough to fit in between the real business of eating and chatting (because we all know that’s what craft night is really for, am I right?) Here’s how you make your own Boo Halloween sign.

Giant Googly Eyes Halloween Sign 

Giant googly eyes

Wood letter B

Black paint or black spray paint

Black chipboard

Hot glue gun

1 . If it isn’t already, spray paint your wooden letter ‘B’ black.

2 . Then, cut strips of chipboard about 1 inch wide. Hot glue them neatly around the edges of the giant googly eyes to make them thicker. My googly eyes were all one piece, if your are separate, do them separately. Giant Googly Eyes Halloween Boo Sign! |

Giant Googly Eyes Halloween Boo Sign! |

3. Finally, when the paint is dry on the ‘B’, glue the now 3-D googly eyes onto the side of the wooden letter to make the word, “Boo”!

And that’s it, display your adorable new Halloween sign on a shelf or your mantel!

Giant Googly Eyes Halloween Boo Sign!  |

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