Wrapped Embroidery Hoop Pocket

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Make a sweet Embroidery Hoop Pocket to hold glasses and pencils! | littleredwindow.com

Embroidery Hoop Pocket Tutorial |  littleredwindow.com

You know, most of the time, I don’t really feel that old. I mean, I am only 33. I haven’t really noticed any wrinkles or gray hairs, I feel pretty energetic chasing my preschooler around, etc. But at the end of last year, I went in to get my eyes checked. And I should preface this by saying, I have always had terrible eyes. Everyone in my family does, it was not a surprise when I got glasses in 3rd grade. But I have worn contacts since freshman year of high school and I wear them like 95% of the day. So I rarely think about my terrible eyes. And I NEVER wear my glasses in public. Anyway, I went to the eye doctor for a regular checkup because I needed to order new lenses. And I happened to mention that since I started blogging and spending significantly more time on the computer, I seemed to be getting a lot of late afternoon headaches. So the doctor did my eye exam and low and behold, she said I needed reading glasses. ON TOP of the contact lenses. And that is, I think, the first time I felt like I was getting older. I know in the grand scheme of things that’s not a big deal, but it was kind of surprise. Especially when she said the next time I get regular glasses they will have to be bifocals (what?!).

Anyway, now I have reading glasses which I try to wear when I’m working or drawing. And they do help a lot. So it’s all good. Except for that I’m always losing them. I set them down somewhere and forget them. Or I put them on top of my head and then set them down later somewhere else. Or I put them on my desk next to a craft project and they get all dusty or smudgy. So I needed a place to keep them where I can reach them but they are safe and visible. Enter the embroidery hoop pocket! I thought one would look cute next to my desk and be a convenient place for my reading glasses when I’m not using them. So here’s how I made mine:

Embroidery Hoop Pocket

Wooden embroidery hoop

embroidery floss

fabric (a fat quarter should be enough)

hot glue gun

lace trimEmbroidery Hoop Pocket Tutorial |  littleredwindow.com

1. First, take the embroidery hoop apart, set aside the inner hoop, you’ll be working with the outer one first. Then starting with whichever color of floss you want, using a dab of hot glue, attach it to the inside face of the outer hoop. Wind the floss carefully around the hoop. When you are done with that color of floss cut it and hot glue the end to the inside face of the hoop.Embroidery Hoop Pocket Tutorial |  littleredwindow.com

2. Repeat with the other colors at random intervals until you’ve covered the entire outer hoop.

3. Cut two squares of fabric slightly bigger than the embroidery hoop (and if you’re more with it than me, iron them!)Embroidery Hoop Pocket Tutorial |  littleredwindow.com

4. Fold one of these squares in half, this will make the nice finished top edge of your pocket.Embroidery Hoop Pocket Tutorial |  littleredwindow.com

5. If you want to, add trim along the top edge of the pocket. I just tacked my lace trim in place with a small stitch every half inch or so.

6. Lay the inner hoop down, put the first square of fabric on top, and then the folded square. Add any trim to the pocket. I added some lace. Embroidery Hoop Pocket Tutorial |  littleredwindow.com

7.Re-assemble the embroidery hoop by putting the outer hoop back down over the inner and tightening the screw at the top. Pull the fabric tight so it is taught and not wrinkled. Embroidery Hoop Pocket Tutorial |  littleredwindow.com

8. Trim off excess fabric on the back and you’re done!

Embroidery Hoop Pocket Tutorial |  littleredwindow.com Embroidery Hoop Pocket Tutorial |  littleredwindow.com Embroidery Hoop Pocket Tutorial |  littleredwindow.com


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  1. LOVE this…I have two very craftsy friends that wear readers and since I’m house sitting on very rainy, windy Kodiak Island for a couple weeks…I think you have just given me a nice little project for Christmas I can get done while I’m here. Glad I found your site, and thank you. 🙂

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