20 DIY Dessert Displays and Cake Stands

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Make your own gorgeous dessert table with these amazing cake stands, you won’t believe they’re DIY!

20 DIY Dessert Displays and Cake Stands! | littleredwindow.com

When I got married, my husband was really easygoing about most things. He definitely helped a ton with the planning and execution and he certainly had opinions and helped me choose things but he didn’t have super strong it-has-to-be-a-certain-way feelings about most things. Except for one thing. And my mom was the same way, happy to help but pretty easygoing, but she agreed with Aa on this one. See, here’s the thing, I really wanted a big dessert buffet, maybe even cupcakes, but I wasn’t married to the idea of a big fancy wedding cake (pun definitely intended).  But Aa and my mom disagreed and both said, “There HAS to be a cake!” I didn’t take much convincing because, well, it’s cake. What’s to complain about, right? So we had a big fancy cake and it was delicious. But that hasn’t stopped my love affair with dessert tables and cake stands. So today I’m sharing some of the most gorgeous cake stands and dessert displays, you really won’t believe they’re DIY projects!

Vintage-Style-Cake-StandVintage Style Cake Stand from Live Laugh Rowe

thriftedcakestanddiyDIY Thrifted Cake Stands from A Bubbly Life

DIY Cupcake Stand | littleredwindow.comDIY Cupcake Stand

diy-domed-cake-standMini Domed Cupcake Stand from Nellie Bellie

DIY-clay-cake-stand_thumbDIY Clay Cake Stand from Lovely Etc.

DIY-Glitter-Cake-Plate-1Glitter Cake Plate from A Night Owl Blog

cake-stand-5-mpDecoupage Cupcake Stand from Mod Podge Rocks

diy-cake-pop-stand-beauty-shotDIY Cake Pop Stand from Uncommon Designs

Main-pic2DIY Gold Cake Plates from Dwelling in Happiness

Teapot-cake-stand-700x700Teapot Dessert Stand from Morena’s Corner

Glued-Pie-TinsDollar Store Tiered Tray from Yesterday on Tuesday

IMG_3845flowers(pp_w730_h476)Wired Cake Stand from The Merry Thought

4664542217_31a2062851Painted Glass Cake Stand from Alisa Burke

DIY-Wooden-Cake-StandDIY Wooden Cake Stand from Skip to my Lou

etagere_cupcake_standMini Cake Stand with Hardware from Look What I Made

modern-cake-standsModern Cake Stand from Earnest Home Co.

diy-wood-cake-stand-almost-makes-perfect-DIY Wood Cake Stand from Almost Makes Perfect

11_7_Corrie_Hogg_cake_stand_12DIY Papier Mache Cake Stands from The House that Lars Built

cake-stand-wood-candlestick-handmade-diy-craft-gift-serving-tray-dessert-slice-2-650x1024Wood Slice Cake Stand from Woods of Bell Trees

11351759535_46691e4186_zPretty Cake Stand from Torie Jayne

Want more cake stands? Here are some of my faves!
Felicitation Cake Stand / Rivet Cake Plate / Color Cut Cake Stand / Hammered Cake Plate / Forest Floor Cake Stand

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