Creative DIY Photo Holders

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Tired of expensive and boring frames? Try one of these creative DIY Photo Holders!

20+Creative DIY Photo Holders and Picture Frame Alternatives!  |

Many many moons ago, I worked as a cashier at a well known department store. We got a nice discount and one of my favorite places to spend it was in the frame section. They had so many cute ones! And this was, cough, cough, before digital photos, so displaying lots of photos in frames was still a thing. Fast forward to today and while we still print photos, sometimes they’re weird sizes or from a photobooth or we just want a different way to display them than a standard (and often expensive) frame. Enter the DIY photo holder. There are so many cute ideas out there and I found some of the best for you! And the best thing about photo holders is they’re SO much easier to swap out the pic! Enjoy!

No-Sand Distressed Photo Holder from Simply Designing

Wood Block Photo Holders from Damask Love

Mineral Photo Holders from A Beautiful Mess

Copper Wire Photo Holders from Homemade Ginger

Wooden Animal Photo Holders from A Beautiful Mess

Mini Mountain Photo Holders from Sugar & Cloth

Giant Clothespin Picture Holder | | Make a simple and fun Giant Clothespin into an adorable picture holder!

Giant Clothespin Photo Holder

Dinosaur Photo Holders from Three Little Monkeys Studio

Pallet Board Photo Holder from Southern Revivals

Personalized Wire Photo Holders from Happy Hour Projects

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