15 Stunning DIY Dining Table Makeovers

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So we have a kitchen/dining room table from Ikea that is the perfect size and shape for our dining room.

It’s the Bjursta table which is round and has this amazingly ingenious foldout extra leaf that turns the table into an oval.

I love everything about this table except for one little thing… The color. It’s almost-but-not-quite the exact same color as our floors.

Which I just hate. It looks weird. It’s too much wood. And it just drives me nuts.

So this, and some scratches and dents have me seriously considering some kind of table makeover.

I’m having a hard time getting Aa on board though. And also the thought of tackling a fairly major project like this is giving me some hesitation.

I have made over tons of furniture before, but I don’t think I’ve ever re-done a surface that will get as much wear and tear as a dining room tabletop…

Will my kids bang on it with their silverware? Will someone try cleaning it with bleach or a steam cleaner? Will the paint or finish just peel right off? Omg, that’s a lot of pressure!

In the meantime, while I take my time in deciding what to do, I went looking for inspiration and thought I’d share these awesome DIY Dining Table Makeovers with you too! 15 Stunning DIY Dining and Kitchen Table Makeovers! | littleredwindow.com


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