15 Simple Sewing Projects for You!

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Ok, so honesty time, I have been sewing for a pretty long time and I have never tried making anything for myself. I mean besides like an apron. I think I just live in fear of spending a lot of time and money on something and then having it not fit or just not liking it. I know you can do a test run with a muslin version first, but having to do the same thing more than once is the kind of creative endeavor I just hate. I don’t find that fun at all and I usually run out of steam after the first version.  But I think it’s probably time to get over that fear, don’t you? I can imagine that I’m not alone in this. But I see so many bloggers making adorable clothes for themselves and when you see their posts, you realize, you can make some amazing stuff and it’s actually NOT that hard. So who else wants to make a pact to try sewing something for yourself this year? Maybe these ideas will get you motivated! And hey, why not make a Christmas present for yourself, you deserve it!15 Simple Sewing Projects for YOU! | littleredwindow.com | Some great ideas for beginners!


Custom Fitted Skirt Tutorial from Leanne Barlow for Sweet Living

DIY Tank Maxi Dress from Melissa Ting

DIY Kimono from The Learner Observer

Pleated Chiffon Skirt from Threaded

DIY Boxy Crop Top from Melissa Ting

Plantain Cardigan from Dandelion Drift

DIY Wrap Skirt with Tie Waist from Melissa Ting

Customized Lace Sweater from I Love DIY

free-swim-suit-pattern-682x1024Free Swimsuit Pattern from Naptime Creations

Feature-SquareElastic Waist Tank Dress from The Thinking Closet

IMG_9887editDIY Skinny Jeans from We Can Make Anything

striped-tank-pattern-3-860x1024Free Tank Top Pattern from Naptime Creations

Asymmetrical-top-free-patteAssymetrical T-shirt Pattern from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Maxi-Dress-Tutorial-Feature2-536x1024Easy Maxi Dress Tutorial from Mabey She Made It

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