15 Modern Cross Stitch Projects

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15 Modern Cross Stitch Projects | littleredwindow.com | Cross Stitch isn't just for grandmas anymore! Did you know Cross Stitch isn’t just for Grandmas anymore? I started out writing this post thinking I would just find some cute new and modern patterns but when I started searching I discovered that people are doing some really cool things with cross stitch! It isn’t just modern update patterns, I found all kinds of new materials and mediums and even plenty of cross stitch inspired projects! How cool! So I couldn’t wait to share them all with you!ChevronEmboridery1_MonMakesThingsChevron Cross Stitch from Mon Makes Things

embroideredsuitcase1Embroidered Suitcase from Craft and Creativity

cross stitch heart towel 5Painted Cross Stitch Hand Towel from Oleander + Palm

img_9470Giant Cross Stitch Sign from Little Button Diaries

Cross Stitch Pillow from The Pretty Life Girls

How to Cross Stitch Furniture from Mollie Makes

pegboardandrose1Cross Stitch Painted Peg Board from Craft and Creativity

Cross Stitch Office Storage from The Scrap Shoppe Blog

DIY Stitchable Notebook from Curious and Catcat

IMG_6720editDIY or DIE free pattern from We Can Make Anything

Floral Cross Stitch Mural from The Cheekiest Monkey of All

cross-stitch-chair-title-.jpg~originalCross Stitch Chair from My Poppet

DSC_5475Hardware Store Faux Cross Stitch from Kittenhood

embroideredbracelet1bCross Stitch Cuff Bracelet from Craft and Creativity

Cross Stitch iPhone Case from The Crafty Mummy

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