15 Great DIY Gifts for Dads

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My dad and my husband are both really really hard to shop for. My dad has read pretty much everything, and he always says he doesn’t want gifts (and he means it) and Aa never has any good ideas when I ask him what he wants so I have to spend the rest of the year listening for hints and clues of things he might like and then secretly noting them down in my phone. But then half the time he’ll forget he said he wanted that specific thing and be confused about why I got him something. We laugh about one particular cd that I bought him for his birthday. I wrote down the name of a singer he told me he liked and I was so excited to get the album because I knew he didn’t have it. And then he opened it and said, “oh, who’s this?” ha! So I’m always on the lookout for good crafts and DIYs to show the men in my life that I love them. Because the nice thing about handmade gift is that while maybe it isn’t exactly the perfect thing they were looking for, but they know you spent time putting it together and they can at least feel the love and thought that went into it! Or at least that’s what I tell myself!  So here are some great DIY Gift Ideas for Dads (or any other men you want to celebrate!)

15 Great DIY Gifts for Dads (or any other men in your life!) | littleredwindow.com

DIY-Fathers-Day-Shoe-Shine-KitDIY Shoe Shine Kit from My Little Secrets

Hand Stamped Tie from Plan B Anna Evers

DIY Hair Pomade from Ryan Foy for Momstastic DIY

2Monogrammed Collar Stays from Shrimp Salad Circus

papernstitchblog11Hand Stamped Handkerchief from Paper & Stitch

DIY Keepsake Keychain from The DIY Diary

001-Lego-Cufflinks-Dream-A-Little-BiggerLego Cufflinks from Dream a Little Bigger

27 May Father's DayMAINEtched Grill Set from Willowday

DIY-MENS-BOWTIEDIY Easy Men’s Bowtie from Handmade in the Hearland

Thrifted Necktie Coffee Cozy from Sadie Seasongoods

ainLeather Keychain Fobs from 17 Apart

untitled-6DIY Cufflink Case from Georgina Giles

Leather Catchall Tray from Tim and Mary Vidra for eHow

TeaTea Towel Apron from Georgina Giles

1426Personalized Tie from Boho Weddings

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