15 Cool Map Crafts

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I think most architects have a healthy fascination with maps. Buildings are part of the urban fabric and your design never exists in a vacuum, it’s part of its surroundings. So maps are important context. I have always liked looking at them anyway though and love figuring out the best route to take to get somewhere. And for whatever reason, I totally love the colors. Pastels aren’t usually my favorite, but in maps, there’s something magical about them. The school I got my masters at is also home to a huge map collection and they used to give away old out of date maps and charts in the library. That was my first experience using maps for other than their intended purpose. We’d put them in models, use them as texture and color, or even use them to symbolize grass or landscaping. So I have a soft spot for these kinds of projects and I thought that today, it might be fun to bring you some cool creative map crafts! And hey, since we all have maps on our phones now, feel free to recycle that old gas station map from 1985 that’s hanging out in your glove box (we all have one…) and turn it into something fabulous!

15 Cool Map Crafts, recycle and repurpose old maps!  | littleredwindow.com

fireplacemakeover-604x493Vintage Window with Map from A Cultivated Nest

Globetrotter Cabinet from Nur Noch 

Pic-43Embroidered Road Trip Keepsake from Sadie Seasongoods

Map-Letters-FeaturedMap Covered Letters from CraftCuts

Embroidered World Map Wall Hanging from invisibly

Map Coasters from Enjoy the Moment

Mason-Jar-Map-Lantern_9Mason Jar Map Lantern from DIY Candy

Memories Map Bracelet from Peanut and Olive

World Map Quilt from Shwin & Shwin

IMG_12581Painted Pallet World Map from The Merry Thought

Map Bunting from The Craft Tutor

box2DIY Map Covered Box from Wear the Canvas

Map Mobile for a Welcome to the World Baby Shower from A Little Savvy Event

Worldly Sofa Table from Brooklyn Limestone

6a00e55224287c8833010535e825a4970c-400wiMap Lamp from Chez Larsson

IMG_0352-1024x682DIY Mapped Frame from Hello Lidy

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