Super Simple Upcycled Felted Fingerless Gloves

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Make some super simple and super soft felted fingerless gloves from an old sweater!

Super Simple Upcycled Felted Fingerless Gloves |

Ready to make the softest most comfy and easiest fingerless gloves ever? These are made of an old cashmere sweater. Mine was Aa’s and it was full of holes but you could also find one at a thrift store. Then go ahead and read my post: How To Felt Cashmere to learn how to turn that old sweater into nice thick material that you can cut but won’t unravel. Then go ahead and come back here. It’s cool, I’ll wait…

Ok, so do you have your felted sweater? Awesome. If you can’t find cashmere, you can certainly make these with wool. The process is the same. They just won’t, in my opinion, be quite as luxuriously soft, but they’ll still be really really nice. And when I say “super simple” I’m not kidding. These seriously take just a few minutes. I even made a little pair for O in less than 5 minutes and he’s been wearing them all week. That’s a pretty good result for an old holey sweater, don’t you think? Here’s how you do it:

Super Simple Upcycled Felted Cashmere Fingerless Gloves

A felted cashmere sweater

Sewing machine

Matching thread

1. I started off by measuring another pair of wrist warmers that I have already that I know fit me. I have pretty thin wrists and small hands so my measurements are on the small side. If you don’t have a pair to measure try measuring the wrist part of a pair of gloves or the end of a sleeve on a long sleeved shirt that you like the fit of. Super Simple Upcycled Felted Fingerless Gloves | Super Simple Upcycled Felted Fingerless Gloves | littleredwindow.com2. Then I doubled the width measurement and added a 1/2 inch for the seam. So I measured 3″ and 9″ and doubled the width to cut out two rectangles that were 6″ x 9″Super Simple Upcycled Felted Fingerless Gloves | Super Simple Upcycled Felted Fingerless Gloves | Super Simple Upcycled Felted Fingerless Gloves | littleredwindow.com3. After you felt a sweater, you can’t really see the individual stitches anymore so in my case with the charcoal and black stripes, there wasn’t really a right side and wrong side. If yours is different, fold each rectangle in half the long way with the right sides together and pin.

4. Next you will simply sew along the length of the fingerless gloves. If you happen to have a serger, that would be great for this. If you just have a regular sewing machine, use a wide and long zig zag stitch being sure to backstitch at the beginning and end. Also make sure you aren’t stretching the felted fabric as it goes through the machine, that will make the seam wavy. Super Simple Upcycled Felted Fingerless Gloves | littleredwindow.com5. Turn your gloves right side out and opposite from the seam, about two inches from the hand end of the gloves, use your scissors to cut a 1 inch slit. This is for your thumb. Because we felted this lovely fabric we don’t have to worry that it will unravel and we don’t have to worry about hemming around the thumb or the cuffs.Super Simple Upcycled Felted Fingerless Gloves | littleredwindow.comAnd that’s it, put on your lovely soft fingerless gloves and stay warm!Super Simple Upcycled Felted Fingerless Gloves | littleredwindow.comOh, and here are the cute little ones I made for O. (For a 5 year old, I just cut the rectangles to about 5″ x 7″ for his)Super Simple Upcycled Felted Fingerless Gloves | littleredwindow.comIf you liked this, you may also like some of my other posts…

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