Stripey Baby Bunting Cardigan

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Adorable Stripey Baby Bunting Cardigan |

Stripey Baby Bunting Cardigan  | | Adorable sweater perfect for a new baby and a pattern review!

When I first moved to Chicago, one of the first people to welcome us was Amanda from Simplified Mom. Her husband went to architecture school with Aa and me although I didn’t really know them at the time. We quickly discovered a mutual love of knitting though and at her urging started our own weekly knitting group. Some friends of hers brought other friends and it became a lovely group of ladies that I adore and never would have met otherwise. Did we do a lot of actual knitting at our meetings? No, of course not! But that’s not really the point, is it?  We don’t really meet so often anymore, too many new babies and busy jobs. But I do see each of them separately when I can. One of those lovely people, who I probably would not have crossed paths with otherwise is Rebecca from Homemaker’s Habitat, amazing chef, blogger, and soon to be neighbor! She recently gave birth to an adorable son (her #2) and I wanted to make a little something to welcome him. And because she is a knitting friend, it had to be knitted of course!

Anyway, after some searching I came across the Baby Bunting Sweater Pattern by Linden Down. She’s offering it free on Ravelry and it’s a great pattern! Really, go check it out!

Are you back? Ok, so I knit this little sweater in the 3-6 month size. I modified it to be striped and left out the little pockets. I’m sure serious hardcore knitters would not agree but I like to knit baby items with acrylic or blend yarns because it’s so much easier to wash and isn’t expensive. And babies spit up. And have blowouts. And drool. You know what I mean. I know there are washable wools, but in my sensitive skin family even those are too itchy. So I go with super soft acrylic and hope it’s extra durable.

My favorite part about the pattern is the way she has you pick up stitches to knit the button bands, that made it super easy to do them in a contrasting color.

Anyway, it was a fun knit and I fully recommend the pattern. I’m hoping it keeps baby M cozy this fall!

Stripey Baby Bunting Cardigan  | | Adorable sweater perfect for a new baby and a pattern review! Stripey Baby Bunting Cardigan  | | Adorable sweater perfect for a new baby and a pattern review!



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28 thoughts on “Stripey Baby Bunting Cardigan

    1. Hello
      I would love a copy of this baby striped cardigan I left it too late to download the cardigan please can you send me a copy
      Many Thank

  1. Oh so beautiful! I would love a sweater like that for my baby. I’m with you, I would rather go with a washable version! I doubt the baby would wear it otherwise…

  2. It’s just so darn cute!!! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful project on The Inspiration Board at homework. You were featured in the spotlight!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    carolyn ~ homework

  3. Can you provide the exact knitting instructions for the Stripey Baby Cardigan shown as blue, grey and white in color? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Linda! Well that’s actually someone else’s copyrighted pattern so i can’t repost it, but if you follow the link I include above it is available for free! I followed it as written except I switched yarn colors between white and gray every 4 rows. And then did the button bands in blue. It’s a cute pattern, good luck!

  4. Is there a way to make this adorable cardigan on straight needles? It looks similar to one I have made in the past using straight needles. Thanks

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