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I’ve been sort of mentioning it for a while but for the last two months or so, we were house hunting and a couple of days ago we closed on our brand new home (we aren’t moving in just yet though)! We are super excited although it will definitely be an adjustment for us. I was thinking about it and I’ve pretty much lived exclusively in apartments for the last almost 15 years. Which is pretty par for the course in urban areas but I can imagine, to some of you who live in other parts of the country, you can’t quite imagine what that’s like.  So today, in honor of our new place and to say goodbye to our old place I wanted to share the top 5 things I’m most excited about and the top 5 things I will miss about high rise living.

Top 5 things I’m excited about:

1. A yard! Going outside to play is kind of a production right now. Even though there’s a great park about a block from our house, it still requires an elevator ride and a walk along a busy street to get there. There is no shooing O out the door when he wants to play. Our yard comes complete with a play structure about which O excitedly says, “our new house has a PARK in the backyard!”

2. A garden! We can’t wait to grow more than just tomatoes!

3. A basement! Right now we have a couple closets and a tiny storage locker down in the parking garage. I feel like I spend a good chunk of my life just moving boxes of stuff from one place to another trying to hide it, store it and keep it organized. I can’t wait to have a little more room! The new house actually isn’t a whole lot bigger than our current place but it has more rooms, more closets and a basement which I hope will be a big improvement.

4. An office/craft room! Do I really need to say more? Did you see where I work now? How can a designated work space NOT be exciting?!

5. This.



Need I say more?

To 5 things I will miss about high rise living:

1. #1 is definitely by far going to be our friends. O’s little best friend lives in the building and I completely adore his mom. Not having them 1 minute away is going to really be hard on me and on O. (I have high hopes of convincing them they should move near us next!) We will also really miss our other friends who still live in the neighborhood a lot!

2. Aa’s easy commute. The downside to moving is definitely that now, instead of a super short bike ride, Aa will have to take the train to and from work. It’s not terribly far but it will be different for all of us.

3. The doormen (and doorwoman)! Having a doorman is awesome. It really is. I wish you could hire a doorman for a house. Or would that just be like a butler? I don’t know, but I will really miss it.

4. Being downtown. The same thing that makes all the traffic tough is also what makes living downtown amazing. We are minutes away from pretty much anything you could ever want to do in Chicago. Not that we won’t still be close enough but it won’t be quite the same.

5.Indoor parking. In the winter, I can drive to a majority of places we need to go (target, grocery store, craft store, children’s museum, etc.) without ever actually going outside. I go from parking garage to another parking garage. Half the time we don’t even need coats! We do have a garage at the new house but it’s detached. It’s going to take some getting used to to carry groceries through the weather to get them inside….


3 thoughts on “New House!

  1. You are going to LOVE it! I’m so excited for you and the space you’ll have to make all your amazing things. #1 won’t be far and she will move one day too and she’ll come visit. And #4 isn’t going any where and you can go whenever you want. xo!

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