Springtime Chalkboard Art

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Watch me create some pretty springtime chalkboard art in just a few minutes!

Springtime Chalkboard Art with time lapse video! | littleredwindow.comAhhh! You guys, what a fun week. I was so excited about yesterday’s post and now today I am sharing my very first video with you. And no it is NOT one of those super awkward vlogs where I sit in front of the camera and stammer on. Some people are great at that. I would not be one of them. So you’re welcome. I spared you the awkward small talk. No, it’s actually a video of this Springtime Chalkboard Art as I was drawing it! I think it’s super cool if I do say so myself. And it was fun to get back to editing video. Did you know I used to make architectural animations for a living? Like, if you were planning on designing a skyscraper, I would create a computer generated fly around animation of what it would look like both inside and out, complete with furniture and trees and people and the surrounding buildings. It was actually a really fun and challenging job. So it was nice to get back to a piece of that.Springtime Chalkboard Art with time lapse video! | littleredwindow.com

But before I start, I wanted to share the materials that you’d need if you want to do your own chalkboard art. I used to think that to draw chalkboard art, you just needed chalk. Duh, right? And then I discovered this chalk cartridge set and it was like the heavens parted and the craft angels started singing. Because my biggest complaint about chalk is that it’s so hard to draw details with a big thick piece. This was actually my first time using it and I am a complete convert. Seriously, I will never go back. (Someone should really pay me to promote these things!)

So start with one of those and then grab your favorite chalkboard and head on over to my facebook page to watch the video (and, if you wouldn’t mind, give me a ‘Like’ while you’re there!)

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2 thoughts on “Springtime Chalkboard Art

  1. I have a new office and really would like a “Today I am grateful for….” sign. I wouldn’t mind a DIY but my local Michaels doesn’t have a chalk cartridge that you mention. Can I order it custom through you? I found “Today I am thankful for …” signs but I really want the word grateful. Thanks for advising !

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