Spooky Metallic Pumpkin

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(Last Updated On: October 1, 2014)

Turn a cheap craft store pumpkin into a cool industrial faux metallic Pumpkin and glam up your house this Halloween!  | littleredwindow.comDIY Spooky Metallic Pumpkin for Halloween | littleredwindow.com

Ok, let’s just get this out of the way now…I really really really wanted to call this a Steam-punkin’…you know, like a steampunk pumpkin? Because it’s all industrial and metallic? Ugh, I know. I apologize. I have a genetic predisposition to pun. I can’t help myself. Hopefully you’ll still be willing to stay and see how I made it? Pretty please??

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I think there are a few different camps when it comes to Halloween decorating. There’s the actually scary, zombie, realistic mask camp. There’s the cutesy kids camp and then there’s more-fall-than-halloween camp. I tend to prefer the latter two camps and usually do some combination of the two. Although this is our first Halloween in an actual house where we will presumably have trick-or-treaters so I better step up my game!

Anyway, a couple weeks ago, this little paper mache pumpkinjumped into my cart at the craft store. I swear, I didn’t put him there, he just kept saying he wanted to come home with me! How could I say no? And then when he was home I knew I didn’t want to just paint him orange and call it a day. I wanted a pumpkin that I could have out all fall and enjoy without it screaming HALLOWEEN every time I walked past. Because that’s the thing about being a blogger, you have to do projects for holiday way ahead of time and you end up looking at them longer than most people! So I decided to go metallic. I thought it would be cool if I could get this paper mache pumpkin to look like a substantial metal pumpkin sculpture!DIY Spooky Metallic Pumpkin for Halloween | littleredwindow.com

First I gave my little pumpkin a coat of dark charcoal acrylic paint. This process was very similar to my Faux Industrial Monogram although I changed up the colors a little bit. It’s totally ok if the base color doesn’t completely cover the material underneath. DIY Spooky Metallic Pumpkin for Halloween | littleredwindow.com DIY Spooky Metallic Pumpkin for Halloween | littleredwindow.com

When that was dry, I used my fingers to add some watered down silvery metallic.DIY Spooky Metallic Pumpkin for Halloween | littleredwindow.com

On top of that I also added a little gold and just a tiny touch of copper to warm things up. I really like how the metallic paints picked up all the texture of the paper mache shape. When it looked sufficiently heavy and metal, I was done! DIY Spooky Metallic Pumpkin for Halloween | littleredwindow.com

Here’s how it looks at my house!

DIY Spooky Metallic Pumpkin for Halloween | littleredwindow.com



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