Spate Fingerless Mitts

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Get the link to the pattern for these adorable Spate Fingerless Mitts!

Spate Fingerless Mitts | |Make your own comfy cozy fingerless gloves, they're so easy to knit! Want to learn more about knitting mittens and gloves?

I promise not to start this post with a bunch of complaining about how cold I am in our new (old) house. Oh shoot! I just did! Sorry! If you’d like a recap, here it is: it’s winter, the house is drafty, heat is expensive and I’m cold.  So I’m on a fingerless glove knitting kick. This is pair #2 this fall and I am actually wearing them right this very second while I type this. And wow do they help! I am totally adding fingerless gloves to my list of things to be thankful for this year!

Actually that’s something that’s been on my mind lately, especially earlier this week when I posted my Give Thanks Thanksgiving Art. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays because, if you ignore the day after Thanksgiving, it’s a holiday about being grateful and selfless. And don’t you think the world could use more of that? And this all came together, this week, for me, when I logged in to WordPress to write a post and realized I had published 200 posts! That seems kind of crazy to me. In a little over a year, this little spot on the internet, that I originally intended to use to promote my Etsy shop, has taken on a life of its own.

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And really, I’m nothing without you, friends! So thank you for all the kind words and comments and shares and everything. Because you all are so awesome I have a real business, I have a creative outlet, and I have fun!

But anyway, enough sap. Let’s get back to the knitting! I found the pattern for Spate Fingerless Mitts on Ravelry.Spate Fingerless Mitts | |Make your own comfy cozy fingerless gloves, they're so easy to knit! This one’s not free, it comes from Jane Richmond’s book, Journey, but it’s cheap and you can download it instantly from the Ravelry page so it’s worth it. I fell in love with the texture and the foldover cuffs. They are just so cute!  I knit them in a wool/cotten blend and they are so warm. And if you’re new to knitting in the round or fingerless mitts, this a great pattern because there’s no thumb to knit, it’s pretty much just a tube. Really easy.

These were also my first project using the Magic Loop method for knitting in the round and I’m totally a convert. Magic loop is where you use one loooong circular needle to knit around instead of juggling many double pointed needles. I never hated double pointeds as much as some people do, but I still found this to be easier. That being said, of the ladies at my local knitting shop when I bought the yarn for this project, half like magic loop and half didn’t so I guess it’s a personal thing.  Anyway, I easily finished these in a weekend and now I’m wearing them all the time and loving them. Spate Fingerless Mitts | |Make your own comfy cozy fingerless gloves, they're so easy to knit!

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  1. Oh wow, these are simply gorgeous! I’m very new to knitting (and can only knit continental since I come from crocheting 🙂 but these are going on my inspiration list. Thanks so much for sharing on The Makers!

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