Quilted Bird Pillow

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Last week my friend E came to visit. She is one of O’s favorite people in the entire world, when he finds out she’s coming, he starts jumping up and down and losing his mind. I’m kind of fond of her myself considering I’ve known her since I was 4. Funny and lucky that we both independently ended up in the same city (not the one we grew up in) so we get to see her a lot. Anyway, she was here and I was thinking of decluttering when she remarked that she really liked a throw pillow I had in our bedroom. And I have to be honest, the secret downside of being an obsessive craft blogger is you make all kind of cool stuff but eventually you start to run out of room for it. I kind of envy you food bloggers who can just send the leftovers to a friend or take them to work to share!

Anyway, although I like this pillow, I had made it a while ago and then kind of changed up our bedroom decor so it didn’t really go anymore. So I sent it home with her to be loved but not before snapping a few quick pics to share with you!

It all started with some Michael Miller fabric that I bought quite a while ago. (Looks like it’s still available online!)

Quilted Bird Pillow |  littleredwindow.com

Aren’t those little birdies adorable?

To make this pillow, I just followed the same method that I used for my Quilted City Pillow:

quilted city pillow |  littleredwindow.com

First I cut a square of plain white quilting fabric the size of my pillow plus seam allowance. I drew some little birds inspired by the backing fabric and added some vertical lines all using a disappearing ink fabric pen. Then I sandwiched that fabric with two layers of quilt batting and, using the walking foot on my sewing machine, I carefully quilted along those lines.

Quilted Bird Pillow |  littleredwindow.com

This is the city pillow, but do you see the blue lines? That’s the disappearing ink fabric pen. And you can see where I’ve stitched over the lines.

Then I just sewed on the back of the pillow in the Michael Miller bird fabric (don’t forget to leave an opening to turn it right side out!). I didn’t even bother to make it an envelope back this time, I just carefully hand-stitched the opening closed.

Quilted Bird Pillow |  littleredwindow.com

Picture taking is a little more complicated when you have a helper…

Quilted Bird Pillow |  littleredwindow.com

Here’s the front and some close-ups:

Quilted Bird Pillow |  littleredwindow.com Quilted Bird Pillow |  littleredwindow.com Quilted Bird Pillow |  littleredwindow.com

This pillow would be perfect for a nursery, you could even use this same method with another fabric of your choice!

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  1. This fabric is sooo cute! I love it!! I really wish I knew how to sew. I found your site via the Connections for Blog Growth group and I’m liking what I see! Looking forward to seeing more crafty things 🙂

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