Painted Thread Storage

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Make a boring thread holder into something fun and fabulous!Painted Thread Storage | | Make your boring thread holder fabulous!

Oh you guys, I have such a love/hate relationship with my sewing machine. Several years ago, I retired my very first sewing machine and upgraded to one with computerized stitches and a top loading bobbin and all that fun stuff. But I asked for it for Christmas so I picked one that was decent but not very expensive. And ever since I’ve been cursing myself for that. I should have gone for a nicer model. It completely broke once already and I had to pay $90 to get it fixed. The mechanic (is that what you’d call him? A person who fixes sewing machines?) said it was on the border of whether or not it was worth paying to fix or if I should just get a new one. But it was still relatively new so I fixed it. And it still works today. Mostly. Except for that the bobbin winding function is broken. And I forget about that EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I use it! So I’m all excited about a new project until I have to spend an hour winding the stupid bobbin by hand! I really should just buy a bobbin winder. But because I have selective amnesia about this flaw, I have never ordered it in time for when I need it! Argh! So as a result, if there is ANY way I can get away with using white bobbin thread for a project, even if the top thread isn’t white. I’ll totally do it. (Don’t look at the back of my projects!) It also has tension issues and I really really really just wish I’d spent the extra money for a better, stronger machine.

So anyway, to make up for my frustration, I decided to make my thread storage pretty. I have a standard thread rack. I screwed some little eye hooks into the top of mine and at our old house it hung on a wall but here it sits on a shelf. If you’re looking for the same one, here it isPainted Thread Storage | | Make your boring thread holder fabulous! It holds a ton of thread and it’s sturdy so it’s working out pretty well. Except for that it makes me want to take a nap because it’s so boring. And also I have a genetic predisposition to get itchy at the sight of unfinished wood. So I took a paintbrush to it and made it pretty and it brightened up my little shelf. Painted Thread Storage | | Make your boring thread holder fabulous!

I just used regular old acrylic craft paint and painted the horizontal pieces gold and the vertical legs white and robin’s egg blue. It took two coats of each color. I skipped the pegs because the spools cover them up anyway and that would have made this project take twice as long. But you could paint your pegs. Or wrap them in washi tape maybe? That would be cute if you don’t have enough thread to fill them all. And then I arranged my thread in pretty color order and now I am so much happier when I look over and see it. Although I get distracted by how pretty it is and it’s not helping with remembering that my darn bobbin winder is broken. I should make a big sign to remind myself. Or maybe just order a bobbin winder already. Geesh, Cassie! Painted Thread Storage | | Make your boring thread holder fabulous! Here it is in my office, doesn’t it look cute with my Giant Button Garland?Painted Thread Storage | | Make your boring thread holder fabulous! (The sewing duck was my great grandmother’s, isn’t it awesome? It’s one of my most beloved posessions…)

Painted Thread Storage | | Make your boring thread holder fabulous!



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