Newborn Baby Bunny Costume

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It’s Halloween week and I thought this week I would share some homemade costumes from years past. One of my favorite is definitely O’s very first Halloween when I made him a tiny and adorable Newborn Baby Bunny Costume! He was about 2 months old and I remember that making this costume was literally the first even remotely artistic thing I had done since he was born. I was exhausted (as parents of newborns are known to be) and I still wasn’t feeling ready to leave the house a lot. I thought about it way too much and decided I was going to make a Baby Bunny Costume out of only things I already had in the house! I remember making this in my bedroom on the floor while O was napping next to me, trying desperately to finish before he woke up. It was a truly Make it Work kind of project. Tim Gunn would have been proud!

The hands and body were easy. For the onesie, I cut an oval out of pink felt and stitched it to the front to be a cute little belly. Then I made an easy white yarn pom pom and stitched it to the back. O was still in the stage where we held him a lot,if you had a little one who spent a lot of time lying down in a swing or bouncy chair or something, the tail obviously wouldn’t be comfortable for them.

Adorable DIY Baby Bunny Costume from Little Red Window Adorable DIY Baby Bunny Costume from Little Red Window

To make the little mittens, I just roughly traced the size of the hand out of felt, cut two of the same shape, sewed around three sides and turned them right side out. Then I added the little pink paw pads.  They didn’t stay on that great and if I had had the time or the energy, I might have added some elastic. But you know what, for the three seconds that he was willing to keep them on, they looked cute enough!

Adorable DIY Baby Bunny Costume from Little Red Window

To make the bunny ears, I remember i really struggled trying to figure out what to make them out of. I thought cardboard at first but that wouldn’t really hold it’s shape. I didn’t have pipe cleaners. I didn’t want to use wire because I was afraid it would poke his little head.  And then, deep in sewing supplies I found some leftover plastic boning! It was perfect, it held a curve but wasn’t tight and didn’t have sharp ends! I covered it in felt, I think I made the ears out of boning too?  And then stretched felt across those as well. And again I used a little felt flap with velcro under the chin instead of elastic because I was a nervous new mom! Elastic might strangle him! (Actually it might, I probably would still not use it) The strap was enough to keep the ears on but it was not at all tight under his chin.

Adorable DIY Baby Bunny Costume from Little Red Window


Are you dying to see a Baby Bunny yet? Ok, don’t die of cuteness and then say I didn’t warn you!

Adorable DIY Baby Bunny Costume from Little Red Window

Look! He has a little pink nose and a real carrot!!

Adorable DIY Baby Bunny Costume from Little Red Window



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