New Printables – April 2014

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You know, aside from the little Etsy widget in my sidebar, I don’t spend very much time here talking about my shop. If you are new to Little Red Window, I create hand-drawn printable prints. They’re available for instant download straight from Etsy. I have a lot of prints that are perfect for nurseries and little ones’ rooms but I also have some for the home and for holidays.  If you want to know more about why I sell printables and why they are awesome, read this post!

Anyway, today I’m starting something new where I share some of the new art I’ve recently added to my shop. I’ve been happy with the shop so far but I’d like to see more growth. So hopefully you can handle a little bit of shameless self-promotion (not one of my strengths!). And if you like something, click on over to Etsy and can you buy it right then! Or you can heart it or pin it for later!

5 Monkeys - LittleRedWindow on Etsy

5 Little Monkeys Printable Print by LittleRedWindow on Etsy

I was singing this song to O the other day, you know, “5 little monkeys, jumping on the bed! One fell off and bumped his head! Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, ‘No more monkeys jumping on the bed!'” O likes to say the doctor’s part himself while shaking his little pointer finger. It’s super adorable. Anyway, I’m working on doing more nursery rhymes and kids songs and these cute monkeys are a great addition!

Baa Baa Black Sheep printable print available on Etsy!  |

 Baa Baa Black Sheep Printable Print by LittleRedWindow on Etsy

Did you know I draw all of these printables by hand? No rulers, no tracing, it’s all hand-drawn by me. Then I scan them and add colors in photoshop. The great part about this process is that I can almost always customize colors! Want these sheep to be in front of a pink background or wish the text was yellow? Just let me know!

Kitchen Utensils printable print available on Etsy!  |

Kitchen Utensils Printable Print by LittleRedWindow on Etsy

It’s not all for the kids; this collection of hand-drawn kitchen utensils is one of my all-time favorites. It would make a great house-warming gift. And printables are the best because you can buy them totally last-minute, print them out, and pop them in a standard 8×10 frame and you’re all set!

Please Remove Your Shoes printable print available on Etsy!  |

Please Remove Your Shoes Printable Print by LittleRedWindow on Etsy

Chalkboard prints are definitely my best sellers! And I loooove making them! This one was actually born out of necessity. We prefer to be a shoe free home (let me tell you, when you live in a downtown urban area and actually SEE dogs peeing on the sidewalk all the time you start to realize what kinds of things you step in…) but it’s always awkward when someone new comes over and you have to either ask them to take theirs off or just ignore it. A polite sign takes the guesswork out of it!

First Corinthians printable print available on Etsy!  |

1st Corinthians Printable Print by LittleRedWindow on Etsy

And finally, I’m branching out a little and doing a few new prints appropriate for weddings and anniversaries.  This chalkboard print with the first line of a reading from the bible that I’m sure you’ve heard at many weddings, would make a sweet gift for a bride and groom or a perfect anniversary present for your significant other. It works for Valentine’s Day too!

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  1. Great printables – you took me back to when my children were little -(they’re all adults now!) Five Little Monkeys – too sweet! I am delighted that you shared with Home and Garden Thursday,

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