Moss Monogram Spring Wreath

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Make this spring wreath with flowers and a pretty DIY Moss Monogram!

DIY Moss Monogram Spring Wreath! |

You guys! The other day I took Baby V to Michaels and they seriously had three full aisles of monogram letters. There were zinc ones and wood ones and some covered in fabric or fun paper. There were some made of plastic and some that had lights in them. It was crazy! So I guess monogram letters are IN right now! That’s cool with me, I like using them in projects. Anyway, I was drawn to these wood ones that were sort of hollow on the back side. I believe they made them that way so they wouldn’t be as heavy, the fronts were nice and smooth. But because I was working with an ‘M’ I could turn it over and use the back without the letter being backwards. yay! And I started imagining all the things I could fill that hollow space with. But since, at the time, I was getting seriously tired of winter, I couldn’t stop dreaming of spring.  Plus someone had recently asked me for a spring wreath for a post they were doing which is when I realized, I didn’t have a spring wreath. That’s shocking for a wreath-aholic like myself. Don’t worry, as you know, this is now my second spring-y wreath so I’ve rectified that dire situation.

Anyway, I thought it would look pretty stuffed with moss and I was right. A nice grapevine wreath and some pretty faux flowers and I was in business. (why does that phrase make me feel like a million years old?) Here’s how I made it!

DIY Moss Monogram Spring Wreath

Grapevine wreath form

Hollow letter – if you can’t find the kind I used, try a paper mache one like this cut in half

Sheet moss

Small faux flowers

Acrylic craft paint

Hot glue gun

Here are the supplies I used:DIY Moss Monogram Spring Wreath! | DIY Moss Monogram Spring Wreath! | DIY Moss Monogram Spring Wreath! | DIY Moss Monogram Spring Wreath! | littleredwindow.com1. The first step is to paint your monogram. I only painted the front face but you can paint the entire thing if you want. You could even paint the sides a different color than the front. As you’ll see from my pictures I had major color indecision for this project. First I painted the letter pink and even got to the moss step but then I didn’t love how the pink looked with the faux flowers that I had. So then I tried a pale yellow which looked ok in person but I didn’t love it in photos. And then finally I settled on a light lavender that worked with the flowers and really made the bright green moss pop! So just know, if it’s hard to pick colors, you’re normal.

2. Next I cut strips of moss to fit inside the hollow letter. My hollow areas were about 1″ wide so I cut the moss strips a tiny bit wider and then gently stuffed them in. No glue was required. Just be prepared. Moss is soooo messy.DIY Moss Monogram Spring Wreath! | DIY Moss Monogram Spring Wreath! | looking back I kind of like the pink too, sigh.)

3. The faux flowers I had were made up of a bunch of tiny little sprigs. I cut them off the main stem and then was able to gently stick them into the grapevine wreath. A little dab of hot glue and they’ll stay put. I put mine all going the same direction and tried to evenly distribute the three colors. DIY Moss Monogram Spring Wreath! | littleredwindow.comDIY Moss Monogram Spring Wreath! | littleredwindow.com4. The last step was to just nestle the monogram inside the wreath and use hot glue to attach it where it touched the grapevines.  I didn’t need to add any loop for hanging, my grapevine wreath was loose enough that it fit nicely on a hook itself. DIY Moss Monogram Spring Wreath! | DIY Moss Monogram Spring Wreath! | littleredwindow.comIf you liked this, you may also like some of my other posts…

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