Very Hungry Caterpillar Apple Lacing Cards

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I’m sure you’ve heard of Lacing cards, right? They’re usually a shape or a picture with holes around the edges that toddlers and preschoolers can use to practice “sewing”. They’re great for hand eye coordination and learning about patterns etc.  So a few months back, I wanted to get one for O, but being the cheapskate that I am, balked when I saw the prices. I didn’t see any on amazon for less than $12. Which is more than I wanted to spend on an activity I wasn’t sure if O would like.

Instead, I poked around in my craft closet and came up with a quick way to make them out of materials I already had!  They were good for ten or fifteen minutes of entertainment for O, not the most favorite toy he has but definitely a win.  Also this is the kind of craft I love making for kids because it takes about five minutes and cheap materials so if they aren’t that into it or they destroy it right away, as my Aunt Mary would say, “It don’t matter!”

Anyway, when I was planning the Very Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party, I thought they would be a great thing to put in the goody bags for his friends and I took some picture to show you how to make them too!  And of course, apples with holes in them are perfect because the Hungry Caterpillar eats a hole through an apple in the story!


To start, you need:

Craft foam shapes (I get mine in the Dollar Spot at Target, they almost always have something.  This time I had apple shapes, purchased sometime last fall, but I just saw them again at my local store. I’ve also seen leaves, eggs, stars etc. Any of those would be great. )

A regular hole punch

Some yarn

Scotch tape


Apple Lacing Cards Materials on Little Red Window



This is where it gets complicated…ok ready? Are you sure you’re paying attention?  Ok! Punch evenly spaced holes around the edge of your foam shape.


Apple Lacing Cards, Hole Punch on Little Red Window



Next, cut a length of yarn equal to about 1 1/2 the circumference of the shape.  Tie it to the shape, putting the knot on the back.


Apple Lacing Cards on Little Red Window



Next tear off about an inch long piece of scotch tape, put the other end of the yarn on it and start to wrap it with the tape.


Apple Lacing Cards Yarn on Little Red Window



Keep wrapping until the tape is used up and the end of the yarn is secure and stiff like the end of a shoelace.


Apple Lacing Cards Yarn on Little Red Window



That’s it! You’re done! Let your little one start sewing and lacing!


Apple Lacing Cards by Little Red Window



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