Glittery Lucky Shamrock Wall Hanging

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I swear, every year, I am very un-enthused about St. Patrick’s Day and then I grab some random green craft supplies at the store and end up making something totally cute. Maybe thinking that I don’t really care frees me up? I have no idea. But it happened again this year. For someone who doesn’t really like green in general, I have two surprisingly cute St. Patrick’s Day projects coming your way. First is this Glittery Lucky Shamrock Wall Hanging.

Glittery Lucky Shamrock Wall Hanging  |

The first thing I picked up was a package of glittery shamrock shapes. They were like 12 for $2 and are made of that craft foam stuff. O could. not. keep his hands off them. What is it with preschoolers and glittery things? They’re drawn to them. I think if he was upstairs and I silently got out some glitter he would somehow sense it and immediately come running and somehow manage to get it in every single room of the house including the attic which is locked. How do they do that?! Actually, I wonder…he loves it so much, do you think if I sprinkled glitter on broccoli he would eat it? (note to self: google edible glitter…) Anyway, then I already had a sheet of gold glitter fabric leftover from another project. Here’s how I made my wall hanging:

Glittery Lucky Shamrock Wall Hanging

Glittery Lucky Shamrock Wall Hanging  |

1. I laid out my shamrock shapes in the order I wanted them and decided I wanted to use the word. “lucky”. So I printed out some text at the right size to fit on the shapes. Make sure to print it backwards!Glittery Lucky Shamrock Wall Hanging  |

2. Then I taped the paper to the BACK side of the glitter fabric and cut out the letters with sharp scissors. I bet you could do this with a Silhouette or similar cutting machine but I was too nervous about glitter gumming it up and/or dulling the blade. Using scissors it only took me about 5 minutes anyway. Glittery Lucky Shamrock Wall Hanging  | Glittery Lucky Shamrock Wall Hanging  |

3. Then I hot glued the letters on to the shamrock shapes. I connected the shapes with short strips of the gold glitter fabric and added a little loop at the top for hanging. And that was it! So easy!Glittery Lucky Shamrock Wall Hanging  | I’m a little obsessed with it and I think it’s because it reminds me of the set of the Price is Right which is my all-time favorite game show. You know how all their signs and games are always glittery? Anyway, this much glitter is maybe not appropriate for normal home decor but it totally works for a holiday! Tell me, do you love St. Patrick’s Day?Glittery Lucky Shamrock Wall Hanging  | Glittery Lucky Shamrock Wall Hanging  |



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