Ombre Glitter Christmas Trees

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Make these gorgeous sparkly Ombré Glitter Christmas Trees for next to nothing!

Ombre Glitter Christmas Trees |

I should start out by saying, I am totally happy with how these trees turned out. But I had a total craft fail that required a right turn mid-project. Does that ever happen to anyone else? I had this plan to make these out of styrofoam cones like this:Ombre Glitter Christmas Trees | littleredwindow.comI took them outside, gave them a coat with gold spray paint and was excited about how the styrofoam was looking super sparkly just on its own. And then I came back ten minutes later and realized that the spray paint had been eating the styrofoam and now the cones were super craggy with chunks eaten away. So it was back to the drawing board! Note to self! Do not use spray paint on this kind of styrofoam! Here’s what I did do:

Ombré Glitter Christmas Trees

2 Manilla Folders

Gold Spray Paint

Craft glue, mod podge or glitter glue

Fine white glitter

Chunky white glitter

1. First cut 1/4 of a circle out of your manilla folder.Ombre Glitter Christmas Trees |

2. Gently roll that shape up into a cone, it will take a little work. Glue along the edge to secure.  I made two small and one large cone.Ombre Glitter Christmas Trees |

3. Spray paint the cones with gold paint only about 2/3 of the way up the cone. Spray less towards the top to create an ombré effect.

Ombre Glitter Christmas Trees |

4. Brush on some craft glue towards the top of the cone and sprinkle glitter over it. Use more glitter at the top and less as you go down.  As you can see in the photos below, it looked kind of uneven while I was doing it but that was only the whiteness of the glue, once it dried it looked fine. After the first coat dries a little, add more glue and sprinkle on the chunky glitter. Again, use more glitter towards the top and less as you go down. Ombre Glitter Christmas Trees | Ombre Glitter Christmas Trees | littleredwindow.com6. Once it dries, tap the cones to knock of excess glitter and enjoy! It might seem weird but I usually do glitter projects next to my kitchen sink and on top of a flexible plastic placemat. I use the placemat to funnel the leftover glitter back into the containers and then I wipe the rest that I can’t clean up directly into the sink. It seems to minimize getting glitter all over the entire house. Ombre Glitter Christmas Trees | Ombre Glitter Christmas Trees | Ombre Glitter Christmas Trees |


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50 thoughts on “Ombre Glitter Christmas Trees

  1. You make the cone making look simple. I was trying to make one for a different tree project and mine doesn’t look that good. I will try your method. Bonus for you is manilla folders are cheaper than the styrofoam trees.

  2. I saw these over at Oh My Heartsie Girl’s Wordless Wednesday. So pretty. Yes, I have had plenty of fails! Someday I will post the total fail of my pavlova! It slid right off of the platter. BUT!, it tasted delicious! So glad I was making it for the blog and not friends! Your trees are beautiful and I don’t think the styrofoam would ever have been so smooth.

  3. Popping over from The Makers Link up Party =) I love these! They’re something you can leave up all winter. Come share your craftiness every week on the Two Uses Tuesday link up =)

  4. I love how these turned out and think it’s great that you had a “happy accident” because it led you to this idea! I have a link party each Friday. Would love to have you share!

  5. I totally love your fail! They turned out beautifully. I have a ton of glitter in the colors that I decorate for Christmas with – I now have the perfect thing to use it on! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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