Free Printable Friday No. 18

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Enjoy this free ‘Choose Happy’ printable art!

Choose Happy Free Printable! |

The other day I was trapped with both kids in the car in probably the worst traffic jam I’ve ever been in. And you are probably thinking to yourself, Cassie, you live in Chicago, shouldn’t you be used to traffic jams by now? You guys, this one was so bad I was able to safely text my mom. Because none of the cars on the road were moving. At all. So as I was getting increasingly frustrated I heard O in the back seating laughing at his Mrs. Piggle Wiggle audiobook and Baby V “reading” one of these indestructible books (they’re seriously the best!) and realized I could choose to ignore the traffic and enjoy my cute kiddos and the podcast I’d been dying to listen to. I chose happy! (Of course, this didn’t last forever, but it was a good moment. Enjoy!

Click HERE to download and print your own “Choose Happy” printable!

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