20 Out of This World DIY Sun, Moon & Stars Crafts

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So this fall we signed O up for soccer for the first time. It was more of a soccer class than a real league where they just teach them to dribble and some of the rules of the game. And it is also completely adorable. I loved to see him try it because I played soccer for a long time growing up. My dad was the coach of our all-girls team and because my dad has always been interested in space and mythology, our team was called The Pleiades after the seven sisters constellation. In retrospect it’s a great name but I seem to remember in middle school it was pretty hard to explain how to even say it to all the other teams and forget spelling it right! We had purple jerseys with the constellation on the front, they were totally awesome.  So anyway, I was thinking about that recently and decided I’d love to do a roundup of astronomy crafts. So here are 20 Out of this World DIY Sun, Moon & Stars Crafts to get you inspired!

20 Out of This World Sun, Moon & Stars Outer Space Crafts to DIY! | littleredwindow.com

You’ll love these gorgeous Sun, Moon & Stars Craft Projects!

Star Studded Favor Bags from Kristi Murphy

DIY Oscars Party

Constellation Art DIY from Wear the Canvas

constellation art6

Light Up Star Decor from Crafts Unleashed


Giant Moon Piñata from Studio DIY


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