20 Out of This World DIY Sun, Moon & Stars Crafts

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So this fall we signed O up for soccer for the first time. It was more of a soccer class than a real league where they just teach them to dribble and some of the rules of the game. And it is also completely adorable.

I loved to see him try it because I played soccer for a long time growing up. My dad was the coach of our all-girls team. We had purple jerseys with a constellation on the front, and a space themed team name and they were totally awesome.

That led to a whole slew of constellation related gifts, I used to have some very cute constellation earrings which now that I’m typing this I think my mom may have “borrowed” and might still have.

Does 15 years in her jewelry box mean they’re hers now? Hey!

So anyway, I was thinking about that recently and decided I’d love to do a roundup of astronomy crafts.

So here are 20 Out of this World DIY Sun, Moon & Stars Crafts to get you inspired!

20 Out of This World Sun, Moon & Stars Outer Space Crafts to DIY! | littleredwindow.com

You’ll love these gorgeous Sun, Moon & Stars Craft Projects!

DIY Oscars PartyStar Studded Favor Bags from Kristi Murphy

constellation art6Constellation Art DIY from Wear the Canvas

PB-kids-light-star-Crafts-UnleashedLight Up Star Decor from Crafts Unleashed


Giant Moon Piñata from Studio DIY

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