DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass

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Turn boring dollar store glass bottles into GORGEOUS faux vintage mercury glass in just a few steps!

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass tutorial! |

I think I’m in love. I finished this project and then texted my friend Bre and said, “I think I want to mercury glass everything in my house!” That wouldn’t be weird, would it?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not the first person on the web to tell you how to fake mercury glass. But those other tutorials are all pretty much the same and use the same supplies. Which is fine. But I wanted mine to look like REAL and OLD mercury glass.

And if you look at old mercury glass, it has dark spots, it has dull spots and it’s just generally more varied than the standard fake mercury glass look.

So I experimented a little bit and came up with a method that turns out this incredibly gorgeous faux vintage mercury glass. It’s just so pretty I can’t even stand it! Someone help me before I mercury glass my kids! Anyway, here’s how you do it…

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass Supply List

Glass jars or bottles (wider mouth is better)

Mirror spray paint

Frosted glass paint (not glass etching medium)

Oil rubbed bronze spray paint (ORB for you YHL fans!)

White vinegar

Painter’s tape 

DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass Instructions

Make sure your glass bottles or jars are clean and dry. Two of mine were from the dollar bin and one is an empty cocktail sauce jar. Wide mouth glass works much much better for this project. DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass tutorial! | littleredwindow.comThen, using a bunched up paper towel, lightly dab inside the jars with the frosted glass paint. You don’t want to cover the entire surface just parts of it randomly. DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass tutorial! | littleredwindow.com2. Wait until that is dry and then protect the outside of your glass. I used a combination of painter’s tape and saran wrap. DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass tutorial! | faux_vintage_mercury_glass_05_littleredwindow3. The standard mercury glass tutorials will tell you to use 50/50 water and white vinegar in a spray bottle. I used 100% vinegar. I like to live on the wild side. And clearly it worked! Anyway, set your spray bottle to mist and spray inside the glass until some small droplets form. You don’t want big drips or too fine of a mist.

4. Before the vinegar dries, spray inside the glass with the mirror finish spray paint. Since I did this outside, and, as I tell O all the time, I am not an octopus, I only have two hands, I didn’t get pics of this part. I’m sorry. Just spray a light even coat.

5. When that dries, repeat the vinegar/mirror spray again. You want to build up about an 80% opaque coating inside.

6. I would leave this overnight. Then when it is finally dry, including any paint/vinegar that puddled at the bottom (hopefully there isn’t too much of this, if there is, you’re using too much vinegar or too much mirror paint) spray inside from as far away as possible with the oil rubbed bronze spray paint. Really, you just want a light might, It’s ok if there are some splatters or bigger droplets of this but you don’t want a thick heavy coat that covers everything.

7. Let it dry again and then bring it inside and remove the painters tape and saran wrap!

Obviously these are not intended to hold food or water so don’t use them as a candy dish or to hold flowers. But that’s ok because they’re gorgeous enough on their own!!’

Faux Vintage Mercury Glass

Faux Vintage Mercury Glass

Make super realistic vintage looking faux mercury glass in just a few easy steps!

Prep Time 2 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Additional Time 1 hour
Total Time 1 hour 17 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost $10



  1. Make sure your jars are clean and dry DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass tutorial! |
  2. Then tape around the outside of the mouth with painter's tape and cover the outside with plastic wrap
  3. Lightly dab inside the jar with frosted glass paint and let dry DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass tutorial! |
  4. Spray a small amount of vinegar mixed 50/50 with water inside the jar and before it dries, mist with mirror spray paint, repeat vinegar and mirror spray until you have about 80% coverageDIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass tutorial! |
  5. Leave overnight to dryDIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass tutorial! |
  6. Mist inside with a very thin coat of oil rubbed bronze spray paint and let dry againDIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass tutorial! |


Tips and tricks for making faux vintage mercury glass:

  • Wider mouthed jars will be easier to work with
  • The vinegar droplets are important, make sure your spray bottle is set to mist and that droplets form and stick to the glass, don't spray so much that it just runs down the inside of the jar
  • Use LIGHT coats of paint from at least 6 inches away
  • If paint pools in the bottom you can carefully swirl it around and pour some out

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8 thoughts on “DIY Faux Vintage Mercury Glass

  1. How did you do the insides of the two that have smaller openings? I get the one with the large opening, but how would you do the paper towel trick on the smaller opening jars?

  2. Thank you! Just found this and can’t wait to try your method! I like that it looks so much more authentic than other tutorials out there. Was wondering if this would work on the outside of the glass pieces? I would like to use mine for flowers if possible.

    1. If you do it on the outside, it won’t be shiny! So no, it won’t work. sorry! Try finding another smaller vase that will fit inside the mercury glass vase to hold the water!

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