Best yarns for knitting and crochet projects for babies!

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Find out which yarns I recommend for knit and crochet projects for babies!

Find out which types of yarn are the best to use for knitting and crochet projects for babies!

So I have quite a few knitting projects for kids and babies on my site, and after doing so many, I’m kind of picky about which yarns I use. Every once in a while I’ll stray from this list because I can’t find a color I need and I always regret it. And while I can definitely support going to your local yarn store and buying some gorgeous superwash wool if that’s what you like, to be honest, I have a hard time doing that for baby projects for a number of reasons. First, babies leak. Spit-up, drool, diaper disasters…you name it, it will get on baby items. So I want my items to be as truly washable as possible. While you can wash superwash wool (hence the name) you still have to be kind of careful with it. But I have tossed acrylic and cotton yarns in the gentle cycle in the washing machine and they’re fine. So there’s that. Plus, when you give a knitted gift to a non-knitter, they don’t know the right way to take care of wool, it’s easier if you just make it foolproof.

Secondly, there’s the cost. I know I’m partial to alpaca or bamboo yarns that are super soft, but can also be super expensive. And babies wear things for such a short time. I hate to spend a ton of money on yarn for a baby sweater that will get worn 3 times if I’m lucky. I like to save it and spend that money on really really nice yarn for something for me or as a gift for an adult who isn’t going to grow out of it!

And finally, both of my kids have really really sensitive skin. I can relate, I actually can’t really wear wool either. No matter how nice it is, I still find it itchy. So that’s another reason I prefer acrylic or non-wool yarns for babies. It’s super super soft.

Overall I’ve been mostly happy with my choices over time. So here are the yarns I recommend for knitting and crochet projects for babies!

Lion Brand Babysoft, this is a sport weight or light worsted weight yarn, comes in pretty pastels and is nice and soft.

Vanna’s Choice, this is my go-to when I want brighter trendier colors. This isn’t quite as soft as some of the other baby yarns but among 100% acrylic yarns it’s pretty good (waaay softer than Red Heart, for example). I use some of this in most of my baby hats.

Patons Silk Bamboo, if you want softness, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous silk/bamboo blend. It has a little bit of a pretty sheen and it’s sooo nice to work with (and only a little bit more expensive).

24/7 100% Cotton Yarn, this is what I go for when I want a natural fiber with no chance of itchiness.

Chenille Yarn, between worsted weight and bulky, chenille yarns are super soft and knit up quickly. Aa’s aunt made O a blanket and a little teddy bear out of a chenille yarn and they were not only beloved but they held up really well and were super soft and snuggly.

Thick & Quick Yarn, I’ve been knitting for a long time. But I remember a few years ago, I was buying yarn in my local yarn store and when the owner asked what I was buying it for and I said, “a baby blanket” she got this worried look on her face and said, “do you know that baby blankets take a long time???” Well, yes I do, and for me that was fine. But using a soft bulky weight yarn like this will cut down on the time a lot and make for an extra cuddly blanket.

So, there you have it, my favorite yarns for babies. Do you have any other favorites that I didn’t mention?

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  1. I am looking for cotton yarn to make cloche style hats for children, the lady used yarnart begonia but I want to use cotton for summer

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