20 Pretty Lace Crafts

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20 gorgeous crafts and projects made with lace!20 Pretty Lace Crafts! | littleredwindow.com

I was about to say that I was really loving lace right now and how it’s not something I always liked etc. etc. etc. And then I remembered what I wore for my Aunt’s wedding when I was in middle school (think early 90’s). I had a short lace baby doll dress with a flower clip in the back and a matching Blossom-esque hat with a lace band. Omg, I wish I had a picture… Anyway, so apparently I’ve always liked lace. And why not? It’s pretty, delicate and has a lovely vintage vibe that will never really go out of style. So today I’m sharing 20 Pretty Lace Crafts that I hope you will enjoy!

Vintage-Doily-Bohemian-Dream-CatchersVintage Doily Dream Catchers from My Pinterventures

Vintage Inspired Lace Tea Towels from Beckham & Belle

DIY Lace Button Jar, cute storage for all your extra buttons! | littleredwindow.comLace Button Jar

Lace Lampshade from Alicia Sivert

IMG_9715-960x500DIY Lace Collar Dress from One O

DIY Lace Jewelry Bowls from Inspired By This

Lace Gift Bags from A Little Sweet Life

doily-embroidery-hoops-8Lace Doily Embroidery Hoops from Dwell Beautiful

Painted Lace Pots from Domestically Blissful

KidsKimono1Lace Children’s Kimono from The Merrythought

IMG_3537Stenciled Lace Stationary from Damask Love

Lace Painted Wood Slice Coasters | littleredwindow.com | Make beautiful, unique and hand-painted coasters, perfect for a gift!Lace Painted Wood Slice Coasters

votive01DIY Laced Cement Votives from Say Yes

DIY Lace Earrings from Gina Michele

Lace Textured Clay Magnets from She Makes a Home

Baby-Shower-Decoration-Ideas-6-2Lace Covered Vase from Design Improvised

DIY No-Sew Lace Dress from The Pretty Life Girls

lacey-scarfLacey Scarf from My Poppet Makes

d001-earring-holder-Dream-a-LittleBigger2Lace Earring Holder from Dream A Little Bigger

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