20 Free Printable Greeting Cards

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I love sending cards to people I care about, but what I do not love is how much they cost! Seriously, almost $5 for a piece of folded paper that the person probably won’t even keep? And on top of that, I get serious writer’s block when I look at a greeting card. My mind goes blank and I just have no idea what to write! And I get even more freaked out knowing that I can’t re-do this $5 piece of paper if I screw it up. Plus I know so many people in my life who write really wonderful heartfelt cards so then I feel even worse. It’s too much pressure!

Anyway, I always have O make his own cards for his friends birthdays and if I can, I like to make my own too. That way, if I can’t come up with something super profound to write I don’t have to feel so bad imagining my card ending up in the recycle bin later. It’s not $5 down the drain. So today I have something super awesome for you. I found 20 Free Printable Greeting Cards! (I’ve left out major holidays because those could be whole posts by themselves, these are more all purpose greeting cards) They’re gorgeous and perfect to print out at the last minute. And did I mention free?!  Enjoy!

20 Free Printable Greeting Cards for all occasions! | littleredwindow.com

featured-free-printable-will-you-be-my-bridesmaid-card-floral-watercolor-ahandcraftedweddingFree Bridesmaid Card from A Handcrafted Wedding

Thank-you-Card-Printables-33-of-460103Printable Thank You Cards from Delia Creates

MOVED20140811-5tWe’ve Moved Printable Postcard from Lemon Thistle

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