20 Easy DIY Wood Projects

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When I was growing up we didn’t have cable. I guess my parents thought it would be bad for us and we’d watch too much tv if we had it? The long term ramifications of this were, #1 I am totally unable to understand a big chunk of 90’s pop culture references (I’m sorry, I am not familiar with this “Real World” you speak of… And what is a veejay?).  #2 I cannot identify most popular musicians from the 90’s on sight because I basically never watched Mtv and only heard them on the radio.  (Please don’t ask me to pick the members of Boys II Men out of a lineup!) AND #3 I have a nerdily healthy appreciation for PBS. On sundays I would watch all the good cooking shows and then This Old House and The New Yankee Workshop. I blame Norm for me thinking architecture school was a good idea. But I totally loved the wood-working parts. Unfortunately I’m still a little scared of power tools so I haven’t really tried to tackle any big projects. In an attempt to get more comfortable working with wood, here are some great wood grain and wood inspired DIY projects that aren’t too scary! Enjoy!
20 Easy DIY Wood Projects | littleredwindow.com

adventure_wood_art_4Wood Cut Wall Art from Sarah Hearts

Lace Painted Wood Slice Coasters | littleredwindow.com | Make beautiful, unique and hand-painted coasters, perfect for a gift!Lace Wood Slice Coasters

birch-wood-candle-7Birch Wood Candleholders from Oleander + Palm

6a00d8358081ff69e201b7c8127b8a970b-800wiWood Burned Bottle Stoppers from A Beautiful Mess

DIY-WOOD-SCALLOPED-WALLDIY Scalloped Wood Wall from Classy Clutter

apieceofrainbow5-1wDIY Wood Pallet Crate from A Piece of Rainbow

diy-wood-grain-flask-almost-makes-perfectDIY Wood Grain Flask from Almost Makes Perfect

Sliced Birch Branch Placemats from eHow

Wood Pallet Coat Rack from Nur Noch

Log Slice Pouf from Swoodson Says for Birch Fabrics

Cutting Board Word Art anderson + grantWood Cutting Board Wall Art from Anderson + Grant

6a00d8358081ff69e201bb07cee1b9970d-800wiDIY Wooden Coffee Table from A Beautiful Mess

francois-et-moi-sofa-arm-table31-768x1024DIY Striped Drink Perch from Francois et Moi

Teelichthalter_aus_BalsaholzWood Votive Holders from Johanna Rundel (in German but with great step by step pics)

How to Print onto Wood from Oh the Lovely Things

DIY Wood Burned Salad Servers from Evermine Blog

Punched Wood Picture Frames from Flax & Twine

6a00d8358081ff69e201bb0789aa1d970d-800wiWooden Dangle Earrings from A Beautiful Mess

Anthropologie-Knock-Off-Mirror-By-Bigger-Than-The-Three-Of-Us-11-669x1024Anthropolgie Mirror Knockoff from Bigger Than the Three of Us

BranchTableLamp1DIY Branch Lamp from The Merry Thought

final23DIY Hanging Wood Slice Plant Stand from Brepurposed

DIY-Wood-Plank-Headboard-2Simple DIY Wood Plank Headboard from Make It & Love It

how to build a desk cipyGiant Plywood Clock from We Lived Happily Ever After

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