20 Clever DIY Planters, Pots and Plant Stands

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So this will be our first full summer at this house. Well actually our first summer with a yard! So that’s exciting.

We were here last summer but arrived too late to really do anything other than maintenance and to realize wow, this is a lot of work!

So this year we’re excited to spruce up our yard even more. We already dug up an overgrown area that was full of mint and ferns and reclaimed some more grass for O to play on.

I’d like to curse whoever the person was who planted mint just in the yard. Not in a planter, not contained by a bed, just on the edge of the grass.

If you didn’t know (like we didn’t) it’s completely and totally invasive. Our yard was 1/3 mint before we realized what was happening! It took months of digging up little sprouts to defeat it!

But now that we’ve got that under control, we’re also on the lookout for some more ways to bring the outside indoors.

So today I’m sharing some cute and clever DIY planters, pots and plant stands to help liven up your outside space!

20 Clever DIY Planters, Pots & Plant Stands for your garden or inside! | littleredwindow.com

Don’t have time to make your own? Here are a few of my favorite Planters and Pots!

This planter/table is so unique and clever!

I am in love with the mix of textures on this gorgeous planter!

This fun little hanging planter is perfect for succulents!

Fun wall pocket garden!

This modern and minimalist plant stand is so lovely!


You’ll love these DIY Planters, Pots and Plant Stands, scroll down and click ‘next’ to see more of them!

DIYPlanterShelf7DIY Planter Shelf from Vintage Revivals

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