20 Beautiful Paper Flowers and Plants

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You’ll love these beautiful paper flowers, it’s hard to believe they’re not real!

20 Beautiful Paper Flower Crafts | littleredwindow.com | These flowers are so gorgeous it's hard to believe they aren't real!

I’m writing this post while still in the depths of winter. In fact the wind chill today is in the negative digits and the walk to pick up O after school is pretty horrible. His school doesn’t have a parking lot and the people who didn’t shovel their part of the sidewalk properly makes taking the stroller pretty rough so I put baby V in warm clothes, and then a super puffy fat suit and hat and a hood and then in the Ergo and then the windproof insulated Ergo cover. All you can see is the tippy top of her head. (well, I mean I can look down and see her face, she’s got plenty of air, but all anyone else can see is the top of her head) She’s probably warmer in there than she is in our drafty house. But meanwhile, I’m freezing. On the plus side, carrying a baby while you walk does warm you up more quickly! Anyway, this frigid weather has me dreaming of spring and the smell of the lilac tree outside our kitchen window. I can’t wait. So today I dreamily found you some amazingly gorgeous paper flowers. If we can’t have the real thing yet, these are a good substitute!

paper-flower-corsage-smallPaper Flower Corsages from Michele Ng

5575919324_8006f8dc44Butcher Paper Spring Wreath from Alisa Burke

HeaderPaper Peonies from Ash and Crafts

120501_137Tissue Paper Flowers from Rust & Sunshine

daffodil6402Paper Daffodils from Aunt Peaches

how-to-make-a-paper-flower-narcissusPaper Narcissus from House That Lars Built

crepebouquettutorialcloseupofpeonycraftberrybushCrepe Paper Peony from Craftberry Bush

DIY-paper-flowers-6Paper Flower Bouquet from The Sweet Escape

paper-flower-poppy-apieceofrainbow-copyPaper Cherry Blossoms from A Piece of Rainbow

first-edition-kaleidoscope-flower-crown-using-the-cricut-explore_74585571240698Paper Flower Crown from Trimcraft

paper-plants-3Paper Plant Centerpieces from The House That Lars Built

d12dd5ca-90d6-484f-bb9c-df004e0a6af0Paper Flower Garlands on eHow

Coffee Filter roses 1 copyright www.auntpeachesCoffee Filter Roses from Aunt Peaches

coffee-filter-flowers-1Coffee Filter Flowers from One Creative Mommy

PAPER-FLOWER-TUTORIALPaper Flowers from Frog Prince Paperie

papercrocuscraftberrybushforehowCrepe Paper Crocus from eHow

HeaderCrepe Paper Succulents from Ash and Crafts

Flores de Papel DRIPaper Flowers Tutorial (Spanish with lots of pics) from DRI

Step12Crepe Paper Water Lilly from Ash and Crafts

ruche_flower_diy_detailDIY Giant Paper Flowers on Design Sponge

In love with floral? Here are some of my other favorite faux flowers…
Entwined Candlesticks / Flower Field Wristlet / Pressed Flower Pendant

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