15+ Gorgeous Upcycled Thrift Store Vases

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Take a cheap vase from the thrift store or the dollar store and turn it into something special!

15+ Gorgeous Upcycled Thrift Store Vases! | littleredwindow.com

You know that shelf at the thrift store? The one full of dusty old florist vases that are just blah? Or maybe you have florist vase sitting on a shelf at home. You know those super cheap boring ones they throw in for free when someone sends you flowers? Or even better, those super super cheap vases from the dollar store? I usually avoid cheap boring glassware like this like the plague  but after seeing all of these amazing ideas to upcycle those cheap boring vases into something special, I’m totally inspired! I hope you are too!

Heck-Yes-Vase-1505298eDIY Glittered Vase from Lemon Thistle

Chalk Painted Milk Bottles | littleredwindow.com | It's so easy to use chalk paint to transform these cute little 89 cent milk bottles!Chalk Painted Milk Bottle Vases

pallet-mason-jar-vase-titlePallet Mason Jar Vase from UnOriginal Mom

vase-finalDIY Vintage Beaded Vase from A Night Owl

Sweater-Vase-DIY-Decor-final-photos_thumbDIY Sweater Vase from Everything Etsy

Spring-craft-DIY-lace-vaseSimple Lace Vase from Mod Podge Rocks


DIY Mercury Glass Vase from Simply Designing

Poured Paint Florist Vase | littleredwindow.com | A simple and beautiful way to spruce up a plain clear glass florist vase!Poured Paint Florist Vase

coral-and-gold_3497Abstract Gold Leaf Vases from Home-ology

diy-snake-bud-vaseDIY Snake Bud Vase from Rain on a Tin Roof

DIY-Wood-Shim-VaseRustic Wood Shim Vase from Cherished Bliss

6a00d8358081ff69e201b8d1452bbc970c-800wiCopper Tape Vase from A Beautiful Mess

gold-dipped-vaseGold Dipped Vase from Two Twenty One

vinyl-dotted-vase_createandbabble1Polka Dot Vase from Create and Babble

diy hanging vase 1Recycled Hanging Vases from Oh Oh Blog

make-this-metallic-gold-rope-vase1Gold Rope Vase from Craft Hunter

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