15 Fun Craft Projects using Extra Straws

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Use those cute leftover straws for some fun craft projects!

15 Fun Craft Pr-ojects to make with Extra Straws! | littleredwindow.com

So I guess cute paper straws have been a thing for like 6 or 7 years now? Does that sound right? I know I used some at O’s 1st birthday and that was almost 5 years ago. But I couldn’t find them in a regular store, I had to special order them from etsy. And now I’m seeing them in the dollar section at Target which is when you KNOW something is really trendy. And don’t get me wrong, I love them, they’re so cute! But have you ever actually used one? They’re great for like a couple minutes of drinking but then they start to get soggy. And I keep seeing party planning posts where the host has all these cute drinks lined up in adorable mason jars or milk bottles with cute paper straws in each one and all I can think is, “Wait, you put the straws in before your guests showed up?! Won’t they be a squishy wet mess by the time anyone gets to them?” So today, friends, I’m sharing some fun OTHER uses for cute straws. Because you might as well use them for something that will last a while, right?? Enjoy!

Paper-Straw-WreathPaper Straw Wreath from Two Twenty One

drinking-straw-star-bursts-682Drinking Straw Starbursts from Aunt Peaches

straw buntingGolden Straw Bunting from Oleander and Palm

birthday_candle_crown19Birthday Candle Crown from House that Lars Built

candle.garland.done4.650Straw Birthday Candle Garland from Snowdrop and Company

Decagon-Himmeli-DIY-mobile640Decahedron Mobile from Aunt Peaches

vase with strawsStraw Vases from This Design Journal

EASY-DIY-GARLAND-FROM-STRAWSStraw Garland from Craft Hunter

Homemade-Decorative-Straw-Frame-1Decorative Straw Frame from the Classy Chapter

DIY-_-How-to-make-a-paper-straw-wrap-bracelet-with-the-kids-Paper Straw Wrap Bracelet from Cute as a Fox

geometricqGeometric Planters from Homemade Ginger

2-prisma-decorPrisma Wall Decor from Delineate Your Dwelling

diy wire straw lamp 11DIY Straws Lampshade from OhOh Blog

04Straw Party Hat from Bottoms Up Blog

Star-Straws-openerPaper Straw Starts from Splash of Something

DSC_0659Straw Mobile from Bottoms Up Blog

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