15 of the Coolest DIY Craft Room Tables Ever!

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So when we moved last month, because of a variety of circumstances, our move coincided with my father-in-law moving out of his house. He was kind enough to give us some of the furniture he wasn’t going to use in his new place.

So I got a new desk in my office. It’s a big corner desk and so far I’m liking it. I had all kinds of grand plans of making my own, maybe an ikea hack, but when someone offers you really nice furniture for free, you don’t say no, right?

This desk fits perfectly in the room too so it’s a win/win. It’s an neutral color and shape, it’s just totally functional. The only downside is that 1% of the times you pull out the center drawer, it goes crashing to the floor spilling all your paperclips and pens all over the place…

Is this a desk dealbreaker? Not yet…

But that really doesn’t stop me from drooling over some of the amazing DIY craft room tables I’ve been seeing lately. And when I pin them or share them on facebook, you all totally love them too.

So here are 15 of the Coolest Craft Room Tables EVER! Enjoy!15 of the Coolest DIY Craft Room Tables EVER! | littleredwindow.com

Don’t have time (or energy) to DIY your own craft room table? Well, here are some of my absolute favorite craft storage options!

This desk has SO. MUCH. STORAGE!

I love that this desk is on wheels (and is a little more traditional).

If you don’t have room for a whole desk, a craft cart can do wonders!

Craft storage designed specifically for glitter? Yes, please!

Sometimes you need to take your supplies with you, am I right?

 You’ll love these clever DIY Craft Room Tables and Desks, scroll down and click ‘next’ to see them all!


DIY Industrial Work Table from Simply Designing


DIY Filing Cabinet Desk from Northstory


Large Craft Room Table from Infarrantly Creative

DIY-Built-In-Craft-Desk-10DIY Built In Craft Desk from Practically Functional


DIY Wall Mounted Desk from The Crafted Life

build your own desk for under $80

Build Your Own Desk for Under $80 from We Lived Happily Ever After


DIY Concrete Desk from The Merry Thought

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16 thoughts on “15 of the Coolest DIY Craft Room Tables Ever!

  1. I can’t decide which one is my favorite so I will just take one of each! In a perfect world with unlimited crafting space we could all have super mega craft rooms. I have to unfortunately pack up any crafting I do daily to keep my 3&5 year old’s from painting themselves and anyone or anything in the area. I just loved all the crafting tables above and they are the best examples I think I have seen so far. Sorry about the rambling…..I do that entirely toooooo much!!!!

      1. NO, they become teenagers and “borrow” your stuff and never return it. You go looking for it in their room, but you couldn’t find an elephant in there because you turned over the job of keeping their rooms tidy when they went to middle school, because, hey- you’re raising them to be independent adults, right? Forget that their rooms look like a bomb went off, and that the smell of gross sports paraphernalia wafts out each time their door opens and shuts…so, you buy a new glue gun, another cordless drill, another set of screwdrivers. And then they leave for college and you feel like you are missing your heart…Cuddle your little ones for me and savor every moment. Messes make the best memories!

  2. Wow, these are awesome! Wonderful collection of craft table ideas – I will be featuring your post in this week’s Home and Garden Thursday,

  3. I just love Infarrently Creatives craft room. I totally was in awe of how awesome her room redo turned out. I could use a space like that. That is one thing I want to improve on is my craft space. Great round up. Thanks for sharing at the party @DearCreatives Theresa

  4. Oh boy, I wish I had the space for any one of these. This is the stuff dreams are made of (but then I’m a kitchen table quilter right now).

    1. I know! I’m so jealous of all of them. Before we moved I was kitchen island quilter. Or sometimes even the floor. I’m going to have to move to the kitchen table now too, I think! Maybe someday… sigh…

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