Winter BINGO – Free Printable!

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Play a fun game of Winter Bingo with your kids! winterbingo_main_littleredwindow-01

So this year O’s elementary school took the step of making all classroom parties food-free. Which to this food allergy mom, is super awesome exciting news. Plus it’s a healthier choice, in my opinion.  Anyway, O’s teacher has the parents volunteer to bring games and craft projects so the kids get to do something extra fun during the party. And since I think (*fingers crossed) that I’m starting to emerge from the newborn haze, I offered to send in a game of winter bingo for the Winter party that happened in December.

So when I started googling but I couldn’t find anything I liked, I decided to make my own game of winter BINGO. Keep in mind that this is intended for Kindergarten age kids which is why I made it 4 x 4 instead of the traditional 5 x 5. I suspect they won’t have a long attention span during the party. Most of the games I found online were 5 x 5 or bigger which is really the reason I made my own, I wanted it to be quick and easy to understand. A lot of the games also had Christmas stuff which I wanted to avoid for the school setting, since not everyone celebrates that holiday. So I drew up 20 cute winter objects, set up the game and printed and laminated the game boards and the calling cards so O’s teacher can reuse them next year if he wants. Just shuffle the calling cards and call them one at a time and have the kids cover the squares they have on their board with those little bingo circles, or squares of paper or whatever you want. If you laminate yours, they could even use dry erase markers! First one with 4 in a row is the winner! And because I am so thankful for all of you that make this job so fun, I’m making it a free printable. Click on the text link to download and print. The game boards print 2 to a page and I’ve made two sets, one for a small group of kids and because I’m sure I’ll get asked for it, a classroom set with 30 different game boards–print one gameboard set and one set of calling cards and you’ll be ready to go!

Print one of these:

Winter Bingo Gameboards — Set of 8

Winter Bingo Gameboards — Classroom set of 30

And this:

Winter Bingo Calling Cards

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7 thoughts on “Winter BINGO – Free Printable!

  1. Holy moly. You SAVED me. Kindergarten holiday party is tomorrow and I needed non-religious, classroom set and preferably two to a page so I wouldn’t kill my color ink. I didn’t even consider the 4X4 v. 5X5 debate but I think you are on point.
    This is perfect!!
    From one “room parent” to another. THANK YOU!!

    1. oh good! I’m so glad to hear this! We’re using it again this year in first grade. This time I used a snowflake shaped paper punch to punch a whole bunch of snowflakes that they can use to cover the bingo squares. Hope the party is fun! xo!

  2. These are adorable! Just found them via Pinterest and will be using them for our first grader’s winter party. Thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for these!! I was looking for 2 cards per page winter bingo and these are perfect! I’m a recess teacher at an elementary school and we’re coming up on our indoor winter season so these will definitely come in handy for the younger grades.

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