Vintage Window Poster Frame

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(Last Updated On: November 3, 2014)

Use an old window to frame a pretty poster! – littleredwindow.comVintage Window Poster Frame |

Sometimes the best ideas come as a result of a complete accident and this was totally one of those. Sometime last summer, I bought an old window for $10 at the Randolph Street Marker (which is super fun, btw) and it used to hang in O’s toddler room at our condo. I added the bunting at that point and then I hung some cute pictures in each square of the window. But since we moved I hadn’t rehung it and it was sitting in my studio waiting for a home. Vintage Window Poster Frame | Vintage Window Poster Frame | Vintage Window Poster Frame |

Fast forward to last month when we went on a week-long vacation. Our friend stopped by a couple times to bring in the mail for us (which is weird for us because we were used to being in a condo where you don’t have to worry about that kind of thing) anyway, she called and left me a voicemail that the big 18″ x 24″ Chicago art poster we had hanging over the fireplace had fallen down and shattered all over the place. She kindly cleaned it all up but the frame was not salvageable. So I took the poster into my studio and leaned it against the wall. And then later that day, for some reason, I moved the vintage window and set it down in front of the damaged poster. And realized it looked super cute!  So here’s how I made it happen…

First, I laid the window down with the poster underneath and marked and then cut the poster to fit behind.

Vintage Window Poster Frame |

Then I flipped it over and used a staple gun to attach the poster to the window.

Vintage Window Poster Frame |

Finally, I added a sawtooth picture hanger like this to the back:

Vintage Window Poster Frame |  littleredwindow.comMy window wasn’t very heavy so one hanger was plenty for mine. And that’s it! A super simple project but one that I am so happy with! I love happy accidents!

Vintage Window Poster Frame | Vintage Window Poster Frame |


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