Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath

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Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath |

This was just one of those projects…you know, the kind that doesn’t quite end up where you planned? And I couldn’t figure out exactly what I wanted to do with it. But anyway, I think it turned out cute and it adds a nice little bit of Valentine’s cheer to our kitchen. But seriously, someone stage an intervention the next time you see me planning to wrap anything with string or yarn or twine. Really. Pry the string from my fingers, handcuff my hands to my chair and make me read this post again! Not to discourage you from attempting this one, but I do think it’s good to know what you’re getting into…

Anyway, to make your own Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath you’ll need:

Heart Wreath Form


Hot Glue Gun

Little triangle bunting

Acrylic paint in shades of pink

Chipboard letter Stickers

1/4″ Ribbon

1. If I was doing this again, I would paint the foam wreath form ahead of time. Probably a medium brown color so I wouldn’t have to worry so much about it peeking through between the twine. So do that. Acrylic craft paint should work fine.

2. Start wrapping your wreath form with twine. Use hot glue to secure it periodically on the back side. Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath | littleredwindow.com3. Keep wrapping…Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath |

4. Wrap some more…Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath |

5. Curse yourself for starting this project and/or take a break and have a glass of wine or some chocolate for your sanity. And then keep wrapping…Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath | littleredwindow.com6. When you get to the tricky parts, (the pointy parts of the heart) I found it was easiest, instead of wrapping, to cut short lengths of string and glue them on individually in whatever direction would neatly cover the area. So you can see in the photo, I have one long string going right down the middle and then I’m cutting short strings that go perpendicular to that to fill in the rest. Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath | littleredwindow.com7. When your wreath form is finally all wrapped. Make your cute little bunting banner. I happened to have these small laser cut wooden bunting shapes to use, but you could make your own out of cardboard or paper. I gave each of mine a couple coats of pink craft paint just on the front side. Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath |

8. Then, when they were dry, I strung them on some 1/4″ grosgrain ribbon and added the word “LOVE!” with these cute little chipboard letter shapes I found in my mother-in-laws scrapbooking stash. Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath | littleredwindow.com9. Then I just hot glued the banner to the heart wreath, glued a little loop on the back for hanging and I was done! (finally! phew!)Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath | Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath |



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14 thoughts on “Valentine Twine Wrapped Heart Wreath

  1. This is so cute! I need to remember to decorate for Valentine’s Day next year. It sounds like so much fun. Thanks for sharing this tutorial with Hump Day Happenings.

  2. What a gorgeous wreath! That banner really makes the whole thing pop. Thanks for sharing at the Motivational Monday Link Party! Hope to see you again this Monday!

    Love Bethany from The Southern Couture

  3. So pretty, Cassie! Love it! Would love to invite you to share it (or any other post) with us at our party on Thursdays please! Have a great week!

  4. Wrapping twine around anything is a nightmare!!! This looks great though, so you should be proud you stuck it out, lol. I definitely need to be making something similar, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

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