DIY Vintage Wedding Dress Necklace

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Recently one of my aunts turned the big 6-0. She’s my mom’s youngest sister and for the last 20 years or so has lived in the Netherlands with her husband who is Dutch. So of course we miss her and don’t get to see her nearly as often as we would like! For the big event I wanted to send her a special present and my mom and dad, while cleaning the basement and trying to pawn things off on me, had come across what was left of my grandma’s wedding dress from when I made my DIY Vintage Wedding Dress Clutch.

DIY Vintage Wedding Dress Pendant Necklace - use a scrap to make a beautiful keepsake necklace! via


If you missed the previous post where I talked about this dress and what I made from it, it’s hard to see in the photo but it was actually fairly stained in many places, made of itchy polyester and so tiny that no one was going to wear it again. I was going to make something similar, maybe a bag or a little decorative pillow or something but one of my other aunts was going to take this over in her suitcase so I didn’t want to send anything too big. So, in the end, I decided I was going to make a pendant necklace that held a little piece of the lacey beading.

I was originally thinking I’d use a blank bezel setting like this:



with some kind of resin on top but I went to Micheal’s AND Joann Fabrics (really the only two craft options we have) and neither one had them! So that was frustrating.  Then on my second trip back to Michaels I happened to find a different kind of pendant that I had originally dismissed because it had a weird creepy photo of a Victorian woman in it. But upon further reflection, I realized that she was removable and so I got it. I should have left the creepy Victorian woman in so you could see…

DIY Vintage Wedding Dress Pendant Necklace - use a scrap to make a beautiful keepsake necklace! via littleredwindow.comAnyway, even though it’s marketed it as Industrial, I actually think this particular one is pretty minimal so I thought it would work. The rest of the line leaned a lot more toward steampunk so I’m lucky I managed to find this one.

DIY Vintage Wedding Dress Pendant Necklace - use a scrap to make a beautiful keepsake necklace! via


As you can see in the (terrible) picture above, it had a little latch on once side that opened up the circle on a hinge.  Then there were two rounded pieces of glass that fit inside. I just cut a little scrap of the dress, put it between the glass (with a few tiny spots of clear glue to keep it from sliding) and put it all back in. (This particular pendant is no longer available but here’s something similar I think would work if you took the charms out.) Then I added a little super glue to the latch so that it wouldn’t accidentally open and break. Here’s the finished product!

DIY Vintage Wedding Dress Pendant Necklace - use a scrap to make a beautiful keepsake necklace! via littleredwindow.comIt was a big hit and I like how it turned out so much I’m thinking of making one for myself.  Have you ever made anything from a vintage wedding dress?  Was cutting into it as scary for you as it was for me?


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86 thoughts on “DIY Vintage Wedding Dress Necklace

  1. Thank you for sharing this! I am actually making one for a cousin’s shower this weekend. Her mother wanted her to wear HER wedding dress and my cousin would not have it. So, I asked for a piece of the mother’s dress (secretly) and I’m surprising the Mom and the Bride with necklaces. I hope it brings them much joy!!!!

  2. I love the necklace!
    I have made several christening/dedication dresses from wedding gowns. I know what people are saying about the nerves when making that first cut and they wern’t even my dresses! I make it a point to call the “bride” just before I cut to say, “are you sure?”

    When my daughter got married I cut lace from my dress to make her a garter.

  3. Such a creative and great idea! I also like the wedding clutch. I guess I’ll be cutting up my wedding dress. We will be married 40 years in August and our daughter will be getting married this summer so the clutch may be a fun something old. I have also seen wedding dresses used to make the cover for the wedding photo book.

  4. I made some Christmas stockings from my sister’s dress, that are in my Etsy store (

    I didn’t find it too hard to cut up the dress since I use a lot of upcycled fabrics. But, I certainly get strong reactions from others when they find out. Some won’t even touch the stocking!

    I do love this idea! I still have a bunch of remnants from my sister’s wedding dress, and one that I bought at a thrift store. I have been looking for other ideas of how to use these little pieces. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you for you for this post. I’m about to mail my wedding dress to NICU Helping Hands to be made into angel gowns. I can cut some pieces off before I send it if I want. After seeing this post, I think I will, so I have a little rememberance of the dress I felt so pretty in!

  6. I have my mother-in-law’s dress that is over 80 years old and has satan buttons down the sleeves and back. Should I make mini dress ornaments or just make ornaments from pieces as no one will ever wear this dress?

    1. oh gosh, I wish i could make that decision for you! I will say, emotionally, it was kind of tough to cut up my grandma’s dress. But I was totally sure no one would wear it. I guess if I were you, I’d just think about it a bit before deciding! 🙂

  7. OH my goodness this is incredible! You see I am the mom of 3 boys (i use that term loosely as the youngest is 15 and the other two have flown the coop over the course of the last year) and there is NO WAY, and I mean no way I’ll ever fit back in my dress. But what a precious idea! I could even make multiples… one for my mom as the lace on my dress came off of her dress, one for me, and then save the rest of the future! Thank you!!!!

  8. I will be 80 this year, have been married 62 years.
    Took my wedding dress from the trunk it was in, very aged of course. Threw the whole thing in the washer and salvedged all the lace and satin (came out lovely by the way)….have enough to make beautiful ring pillows embroidered with names and dates for all 5 of my grandchildren and my daughter. If they choose not to use it as
    a ring pillow it is still a lovely memento.

  9. Hi,
    I think this is a really cool idea!
    Do you have any great ideas for how to create ornaments with a vintage wedding dress? I would like to do that but am kinda clueless. (If anyone else has ideas, too, you can reply to this post or email me!)

    1. Hi Mandy! Thanks for stopping by! Well, off the top of my head, I would think that any kind of picture frame ornament would work with a piece of wedding dress. Just put the lace in instead of a photo. You could also take some small pieces and decoupage them with mod podge or something similar onto a globe ornament, that would be pretty! There are also fabric stiffening products available at the sewing store, or you can use liquid starch and you could take pieces of fabric and make them into a stiff shape that would be the ornament itself? Just add a ribbon to hang. Let me know what you decide to do or if you need more ideas, I love brainstorming! xo!

  10. I cut off the lace of a pillowcase without realising it was special to my mother (it was hers when she was a baby, I think). She’s not one for jewellery, but I might be able to find a way to put it in a picture frame or something. I really love what you made here!

  11. Absolutely love the idea. /We don’t hve a Michael’s here in Australia, so I would need to purchase online. Can you give me some more details as I could not find it on their website?

  12. Thanks for linking to Create Link Inspire at The Crafty Blog Stalker. You have been featured and pinned! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Love this! I really want to do this with MY dress. I didn’t pay much for my dress and I never cleaned it. We live in a small space and it is taking up so much room. I’ve wanted to take scissors to it for a while, but have no idea what to do with all of it.

    1. Thanks April! I actually have a ton of this dress left and I don’t know what to do with the rest either. My cousin took part of the dress her mom and aunt wore and made it into a ring bearer pillow which was a great idea too. Maybe save some for your kids if they want to do that? Good luck, cutting it up, that was the most nerve wracking part!!! 🙂

    2. I made a christening gown for my daughter out of my wedding dress. And it was very nervwrecking to make the first cut 🙂
      A friend of mine made pillows out of her wedding dress, could be an idea?

      Good luck, I’m sure it’ll become a great keepsake.

  14. Wow, I really love this, such a keepsake and a treasure. And it’s so beautiful. I’ve never even thought of doing something like this, but now the wheels are turning. Thank you so much for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in next week’s issue.

  15. Very pretty – and very creative.

    I actually made my daughters christening gown out of my own wedding dress – not vintage, but I had to muster up the courage to make the first cut!!

  16. Oh my gosh this is the sweetest thing! I really love what a momento/keepsake this is. Hello from The makers link party!
    Leelee @

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