DIY Little Cowboy Costume

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My Halloween Costume week continues with another flashback to my DIY Little Cowboy Costume! This time, it was O’s 3rd Halloween, he had just turned 2 and I didn’t know what he should be (and he was still too little to care). And then my aunts went to Arizona and came back with the cutest little cowboy boots of all time. I mean, they were really truly adorable! So I figured, well then of course he has to be a cowboy! When you get real life mini cowboy boots, you better show them off!

DIY Little Cowboy Halloween Costume by Little Red Window

It was actually a really easy costume too. He already had a cowboy hat
floating around. I just glued a star made of craft foam to the front. He also had skinny jeans (toddler skinny jeans are like my favorite thing ever!) and a plaid shirt. So all I really needed to come up with was a Cowboy vest and a belt with a belt buckle.

To make those, I stopped in at my local Joann’s and found this fabric that kind of looks like leather, but is really some kind of coated cotton meaning it is cheaper and easy to work with. I couldn’t believe my luck! Would I use this kind of fabric for a home dec project or something that would get used a lot? Probably not. But it was PERFECT for this. I thought I would end up with some of that thick vinyl pleather, guess it was my lucky day!

DIY Little Cowboy Halloween Costume by Little Red Window

The belt is just a long strip of fabric with d-rings on one end and I made the belt buckle slide over the belt with little loops. It’s just a rectangle of craft wood from my stash painted “gold” with a star on top. Super easy.

The vest was a little more complicated because I didn’t have a pattern and I’d never made a vest before but I just based it off a shirt he already had for the basic shapes, gave it a little bit bigger armholes, and it worked out great! And of course it has fringe on the front and back!

I love costumes like this because it was really adorable but required minimal effort, O was comfortable AND it still looked cute even when he put on his coat.  It makes me so sad when someone has a cute costume and then it gets all covered up by a winter jacket!

DIY Little Cowboy Halloween Costume by Little Red Window DIY Little Cowboy Halloween Costume by Little Red WindowThe best part of the whole Halloween was that at this age, (barely 2) O was still kind of unintelligible a lot of the time, but when you asked him, “What does a cowboy say?” He always gave us an enthusiastic and beyond adorable, “YEE HAW!!!!”


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