20 Unbelievable Dollar Store Crafts

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Until we moved, there wasn’t a dollar store anywhere near where I lived. So today, after a trip to Target, O and I stopped at the one nearby and wandered the aisles.

I seriously could not believe how much good stuff there was! I know, I know, I’m totally late to the party, you all know all about the dollar store. But there was so much potential!

In fact, I was kind of overwhelmed, luckily my friend Bre has a great post about which crafty items are actually worth it and which you should skip. That helped me find a starting place!

But then I quickly went down the dollar store rabbit hole. There are so many blank slates there and things just waiting to be transformed! Blank mugs! Candles in glass jars that you could peel the label off! Wreath forms! Faux flowers! Plain frames!

And I think we all know I’m nothing if not a cheapskate, so I very quickly became a dollar store regular!

Today I’m sharing some of the most unbelievable and awesome dollar store crafts I can find! Enjoy!20 Unbelievable Dollar Store Crafts! | littleredwindow.com


DIY Dinosaur Serving Dish from Three Little Monkeys Studio


DIY Flower Mirror from DIY College Chic

make-wreath-quick-easy-hack-apieceofrainbowblog-14Dollar Store Wreath Hack from A Piece of Rainbow

nursery-night-light-1024x737Dollar Store Nightlight from Homemade Ginger

1Jumbo Heart Bobby Pins from Minted Strawberry

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