The Best Posts, Patterns and Projects at Little Red Window

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The post you’re looking for no longer exists, but here are some of my all-time favorite projects, I hope you’ll stick around and take a look!

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The Knit Bow Baby Hat is my most popular knitting pattern!

Knit Bow Baby Hats | | A quick easy and FREE knitting pattern for your little one!

One of my all time most popular projects is my adorable Thomas the Train Inspired Halloween Costume, that’s my son O wearing it when he was 3!

Super adorable DIY Thomas the Train Halloween Costume made from a cardboard box! from Little Red Window

My second most popular knitting pattern is the  purrrrfect Pretty Kitty Cat Hat!

Pretty Kitty Cat Hat Free Knitting Pattern! |

I also love to make pretty things out of clay, here’s my favorite clay project, a set of fun  Painted Clay Ring  Dishes!

DIY Painted Clay Ring Dishes |

People  pin this fun  (and super easy ) DIY Cupcake Stand all the time!

DIY Cupcake Stand |

And the post that started it all…my Cardboard Play Sewing Machine!

DIY Cardboard Box Play Sewing Machine | | Great tutorial for an adorable play sewing machine made out of an old box!

That’s just a few of my favorite posts, I have a ton more original knitting patterns, crafts and posts FULL of inspiration, come check them out and thanks for stopping by !

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