Baby Girl’s Nursery Reveal!

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Curious to see how nursery #2 is turning out?Baby Girl's DIY Nursery! | | Cute girly nursery full of fun and easy DIY craft projects!I know I rarely post posts that aren’t tutorials and DIYs. But bear with me because this one contains a whole bunch of future projects. It’s like a little sneak peek to what’s coming up at Little Red Window. Because we are about a month away from Baby #2’s arrival and it’s all baby all the time around here. We haven’t needed to buy too much stuff but we’re definitely mentally preparing ourselves, and O, for a big change. We are pretty much finished with the nursery though and I’m super excited about all the DIYs I have to share with you in the next few weeks. (Don’t worry, I’ll throw in some regular projects too in case you’re not in the baby zone!)

I think, if I could choose anything to do forever, it would be designing nurseries and little kid rooms. I just really think it’s fun. And I love to spend as little money as possible while doing it. O was in this room until about 6 months ago, still using this crib as a toddler bed (it has a convertible rail). We reused all of his furniture, painted the room ourselves and only bought the rug, lamp, hamper and some sheets new. That’s pretty good, considering O’s room had an entirely different color scheme, don’t you think? I think you can buy flexible reusable basics for nurseries to reuse with all your kids without necessarily making everything gender neutral. It just takes a little advance planning!

Anyway, when we first moved into this house last year, this room (which is pretty tiny) had a really weird closet in it. The people who used to live here must have REALLY liked to hang things up. I’m more of a shelf person myself. But this closet took up the entire corner of the tiny room and made the leftover space into a really weird and difficult to use T-shape. There are french doors on one wall and ANOTHER closet (this one oddly tiny) on the other so there was basically only the wall adjacent to the door to put furniture on. And then this cavernous closet with a single hanging bar. Luckily the closet was installed in front of the pretty historic baseboards so we had our handyman take it out and it was instantly soooo much better. See what I mean? (An aside, why do you suppose this closet contains TWO sets of electrical outlets and a cable jack??) Baby Girl's DIY Nursery! | | Cute girly nursery full of fun and easy DIY craft projects! And then we moved O in, fully intending to repaint but we never did. Oops. So when he moved to the other bigger bedroom a few months ago, we finally finished patching and gave the whole room and ceiling a new coat of paint. It’s Ralph Lauren’s Posey (although I had it color-matched to another brand in no-VOC) and it’s kind of hard to capture. I’d describe it as a super super light peachy coral color. Definitely not baby pink. And actually I was leaning toward maybe a light yellow or something more neutral but Aa is pretty excited about this baby girl and he really liked this color so we went for it.

Baby Girl's DIY Nursery! | | Cute girly nursery full of fun and easy DIY craft projects!The wall decals are from Urban Walls and let me tell you, they are really great quality, easy to put up and Danielle, the owner, is just the nicest. (She didn’t give me anything to say this) so if you’re looking for incredibly adorable decals, go visit her. I got a mix of gold stars and gold hearts (this was Aa’s idea) and I’m a little obsessed. We finished putting them up and even Aa said, “ok, so which pattern are we going to put in our room now?!” Baby Girl's DIY Nursery! | | Cute girly nursery full of fun and easy DIY craft projects!The gallery wall is a mix of old stuff (a vintage sign from my Grandma’s summer cottage) and new things I made or sell in my etsy shop. And I even threw in a random straw placemat from the Target dollar section which is easily the most commented on thing in the entire room when people come in. Go figure! Baby Girl's DIY Nursery! | | Cute girly nursery full of fun and easy DIY craft projects!I might add one or two more things, the slanted ceiling made this a little tricky, but I left the empty space over the changing pad on purpose. Don’t want baby grabbing stuff off the wall!

I’ll leave it up to you to guess which things I made for the room, you’ll find out in the next couple weeks! But I had a lot of fun doing it. Stay tuned for tons of cute and easy nursery diys! Baby Girl's DIY Nursery! | | Cute girly nursery full of fun and easy DIY craft projects!Interested in any of the diy projects in this room? Here they are:

No Sew Crib Skirt

Simple Strip Crib Quilt

Diaper Changing Pad Cover

ABC Nursery Art

Alphabet Shelf

Fabric Ribbon Diaper Basket

DIY Boppy Nursing Pillow Cover

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6 thoughts on “Baby Girl’s Nursery Reveal!

  1. Cassie–it is absolutely beautiful! So warm and inviting. Your little girl is going to have so many happy times in that room. The love you put into it is palpable! Let’s hope it also encourages her to SLEEP for long stretches!!!

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