15 Awesome DIY Light Fixtures

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I like to think my husband and I understand each other pretty well. I’d hope after 10 years we would. But there is one subject on which we disagree and he just does. not. understand where I’m coming from. And that subject is overhead lighting. If it’s at all glaring or bright or casts weird shadows I absolutely cannot stand it. I completely refuse to turn on the overhead light in my office because it lets off this horrible bluish flourescent light that washes everything out and casts dark horrible shadows. I will walk across the dark room to turn on a lamp rather than use it. Whereas Aa will turn it on so he “can see” and so he “can find things”. Like “seeing” is important! (*insert winking emoticon here) But really, what good is seeing if you feel like you’re in an operating room and the room is suddenly sallow and depressing? I completely agree with David Sedaris on this one, bad overhead lighting is just the worst!

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t generally have an issue with well placed can lights or a nice fixture. In fact, although I don’t like the shape, the one in our dining room isn’t all that bad because you can dim it slightly so it’s not so glaring. It can be done. And because we’re in a constant battle of turning the overhead lights on and off, Aa suggested I start looking for some replacement fixtures. An excellent idea! So today I’ve found you some Awesome DIY Light Fixtures that could possibly even convince me to turn them on!15 Awesome DIY Light Fixtures | littleredwindow.com

Beaded Pendant from Camille Styles

DIY Cage Light Sconce from Nalle’s House

DIY Chandelier from Rich Brilliant Willing 

ChandelierVintageModernIndustrial Edison Style Chandelier from Lia Griffith

edWM_IMG_97331DIY Dodecahedron Pendant Light from View Along the Way

DIY Mason Jar Chandelier from McLaughlin Designs Blog

DIY Pendant Lamps from LuLu’s

IMG_4547Molded Plywood Light Fixture from Hello Lidy

gorgeous-DIY-Light-Fixture-1-520x780-1DIY Light Fixture from Make It & Love It

DIY-Plumbing-Pipe-Light-FixturePlumbing Pipe Light Fixture from The Gathered Home

West-Elm-Inspired-Globe-Pendant_thumWest Elm Inspired Globe Pendant from Mad in Crafts

DIY Ombre Pendant Lamp from Design Love Fest

DIY Knockoff Bentwood Pendant from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

DIY Steel Pipe Light Fixture from Something is Done

Flourescent Diffuser Statement Pendant from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs

Globe Pendant Light from Apartment Therapy

Concrete Pendant Lamp from Brit + Co

DIY Lantern Chandelier copy[4]DIY Lantern Chandelier from Vintage Revivals

diy-gemoetric-light-fixture1DIY Geometric Pendant Light Fixture from Pearls and Scissors

SimpleDIYCopperWirePendantLightsvintagerevivalsSimple Copper Wire Pendants from Vintage Revivals

Mason-Jar-LightDIY Mason Jar Chandelier from East Coast Creative

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  1. Ahh! I love all of these! The other day I was scrolling through my home board on Pinterest and I realized that I have a thing for unique light fixtures. I’m going to check some of these out to pin for my next house. Thanks for joining us for Hump Day Happenings!

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