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Pretty Kitty Cat Hat Knitting Pattern:

Beginning hat instructions: The PDF version of this pattern originally stated to knit all sizes until the hat is 4 1/2 inches long. The correct lengths for the different sizes are:

0-3 months: 4 inches

6 months: 4 1/2 inches

12 months: 5 inches

2T+: 5 1/2 inches

Inner Ears Rows 1-3 previously stated: knit all odd rows, purl all even rows, it should be: purl all odd rows, knit all even rows.


Baby Headphone Hat Pattern:

PDF Pattern originally had a typo and called for a cast on of 35 stitches for the headphones, it should be 36.

The PDF version of this pattern originally neglected to list supplies. To make this hat you need (affiliate links):

Circular 16-Inch Knitting Needles, US Size 7

US size 7 double pointed knitting needles

Worsted weight yarn in two colors

yarn needle


Little Pig Hat Knitting Pattern 

Outer Ear Row 9: should read p2tog, p5, p2tog

Snout Row 9: should read k2tog, k6, ssk

Snout Row 11: should read  k2tog, k2tog, ssk, ssk

PDF pattern only, length to knit the hat before decrease should read: 4 (4 1/2, 5, 5 1/2)


Cuddly Koala Hat Knitting Pattern

Pattern subheading title incorrectly labeled Kitty Cat Hat Pattern, did not affect the actual pattern.

Colors of yarn listed were incorrect, should read: worsted weight yarn in gray, charcoal and white

Happy Puppy Dog Hat

Instructions for the ears contained a typo. Row 10 line should be deleted and the following line should read: “Rows 10 – 14: Repeat Rows 8 & 9”

Little Chick Hat

There was a typo in the Top Beak instructions, it should read:

“Knit Rows 4 – 10 fr”om Bottom Beak instructions”


Sweet Strawberry Hat Knitting Pattern (PDF for sale version)

In the alternate fair isle written instructions for rounds 2 and 4 the color was noted as ‘A’ instead of ‘R’ (red). It has been updated.