Blank Notebook Makeover

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Turn a boring blank notebook into a cute graphic notebook!

Crafty Blank Notebook Makeover! |

Oh man, when I was a kid, I loved blank notebooks. I invented ridiculous books all the time. I even made my own books by stapling sheets of paper together. So it’s no surprise that a package of blank notebooks just hopped in my cart at Target last year. I used one to make this adorable fabric wrapped notebook, but then the other two have just been sitting in my craft closet sad and alone. And then I had the idea to add this cute little laser cut bicycle shape I had randomly grabbed and this blank notebook got a cute graphic makeover! It was really easy too! Wouldn’t this make a cute gift packaged with some nice pens or colored pencils? Here’s how I made it…

Crafty Blank Notebook Makeover

Cute laser cut wood shape

Blank notebook

Acrylic craft paint




  1. First, I painted my wood shape with craft paint. Isn’t this little bicycle cute?!Crafty Blank Notebook Makeover! | Crafty Blank Notebook Makeover! | 2. While it was drying, I took a ruler and made light marks with a pencil down both sides of my blank white notebook. Mine were 1 cm apart. Crafty Blank Notebook Makeover! | 3. Then I used the marks as a guide to draw freehand horizontal stripes with a sharpie. I did not use the ruler to draw the lines because I wanted them to look hand-drawn, but you can if you want to! Crafty Blank Notebook Makeover! | Crafty Blank Notebook Makeover! | Crafty Blank Notebook Makeover! | Crafty Blank Notebook Makeover! | 4. I put some craft glue on the back of my painted wood shape and placed it where I wanted it on the front of my notebook. Then I set a big heavy book on top. If you are concerned about glue leaking out onto the book you’re using for weight, put some parchment paper or wax paper in between.  Crafty Blank Notebook Makeover! | Let your notebook dry for several hours and you’re all set! Give it as a gift or use it yourself to store ideas, write lists or draw in! Crafty Blank Notebook Makeover! | Crafty Blank Notebook Makeover! |

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