20 Fun Crafts Under $10 that Won’t Break the Bank

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Since netflix put up all the episodes of Friends, I’ve been re-watching them a couple at time whenever I need something silly and mindless in the background. And I laugh to myself because I had forgotten that one of the running gags is that Ross is notoriously cheap. Know what? I totally am too! I mean, I try to find a balance between price and quality for most things but I have a hard time spending money if I feel like I don’t have to. Like for example, we were recently planning a vacation for a wedding where we will be meeting up with a bunch of friends. They all want to stay in one nice hotel, but I found one that was significantly cheaper (because it was new) but had equally good reviews. Man was it tough for me to pull the trigger on the pricier hotel! (Don’t worry, I figured out if I got the non-refundable rate I could save us like $15 a day!) I like to blame my father who worked for a national credit union group while I was growing up. We actually had a board game about saving money. (I know. It was terribly boring.) But he instilled a love of saving in me and I can’t get rid of it! (This is probably a good problem to have…)Move to Trash

So anyway, I think we all know that you should never buy anything from the craft store without using a coupon. All the stores have them. It’s like Kohl’s. I used to work at a Kohl’s in college and if you ever buy anything there are full price, you are making a mistake. But I digress, craft stores are made for cheapskates (ahem, I mean, budget conscious) people like me. So today I found you 20 Fun Crafts that you can make for UNDER $10 and that won’t break the bank! How awesome is that?! And they don’t look like they cost less than $10 either, that’s the best part! Fellow cheapskates enjoy!

20 Fun Crafts Under $10 That Won't Break the Bank | littleredwindow.com

Enjoy these fun crafts, all under $10, that won’t break the bank!


Marbled Paper Art from Mad in Crafts


Gold Initial Mug from Earnest Home Co.


Faux Metal Industrial Monogram

Faux Metal Industrial Monogram | littleredwindow.com | Turn unpainted wood into faux industrial metal with this tutorial!

DIY Gold Succulent Vases from We Lived Happily Ever After

diy gold succulent vases

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